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2013 Employees of the Year

Industry Winners

Elena Flores, Admin. Assistant
Administrative Employee of the Year
Fort Worth (North), TX

When Elena Flores first came to Express Employment Professionals in Fort Worth (North), TX, she lacked a solid skill foundation after being out of the workforce for years. But, after winning everyone over with her eagerness, follow-through and warm personality, Elena proved her worth in her very first assignment. The Express staff reports that they have never seen anyone “put forth more effort to learn new skills and better herself” than Elena. By taking every opportunity to grow and expand her abilities, she was eventually offered a full-time, long-term position with a company she loves.


Martha Peyser, Traffic Control Clerk
Commercial Employee of the Year
Port Charlotte, FL

The Port Charlotte, FL, Express Employment Professionals office has never seen anyone with more dedication, pride and willingness to work as Martha Peyser. Since she came to Express looking for a job, Martha has worked hard at every assignment, no matter the rain or heat or day or night. Due to her drive to excel and advance, she has taken classes on her own to enhance her skills and increase the value she can bring to clients. Express is proud to have Martha as an employee and to watch her achieve her dreams.


Susan O’Brian, Accountant
Professional Employee of the Year
Ashville, NC

Apprehensive about her absence from the workforce, Susan O’Brian came to the Express Employment Professionals office in Ashville, NC, hoping to be placed in an accounting position. As soon as Susan began work for a client company, her expertise and willingness to go above and beyond what was expected became very apparent. It is a normal, everyday occurrence for her to come in early each morning, ask for additional tasks, and help others with their work. Express is happy to recognize Susan and all her hard work.