Our Staffing Agency in Ypsilanti

  • Our Staffing Agency in Ypsilanti 

    Ann Arbor, MI - May 04, 2020

    Staffing Agency in Ypsilanti At Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor, we can help you find the right job candidates on your timeline. Whether you need short-term hires right away or you're embarking on a lengthier executive recruitment process, our staffing agency can help you find quality candidates in Ypsilanti and Washtenaw County. 

    For companies hiring on their own, sourcing new personnel can take as much as 100 hours. That means time and resources that are directly taken away from the daily operations of your business. When you bring in our agency, it means our hiring experts manage every part of recruitment, so you can devote resources and manpower elsewhere. 

    We have hiring solutions available for every industry and every experience level. It doesn't matter if you're looking for an entry-level hire or an industry veteran. We'll tailor our recruitment process accordingly, to ensure you're getting the perfect person for the position. 

    About Our Staffing Agency in Ypsilanti 

    With our staffing agency, businesses in and around Ypsilanti can get the best of both worlds. As a locally owned company, our hiring experts personally manage each new hire. But we also bring the high level of visibility and brand awareness to our global headquarters, meaning we're more easily able to attract high-caliber candidates via online platforms and in-person. 

    For your business, it means we can expand your pool of applicants for a competitive, rigorous hiring process. But our team also takes great care with each position we fill, using multiple steps and processes to screen candidates. We don't just verify qualifications, training, and references. We know how much it matters to find the right fit.

    Our experts will only bring you our top choice for the position, so you can be confident that the person we've chosen truly has what it takes to succeed. 

    Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor Proudly Serves Our Business Community 

    When it comes to hiring and staffing, we're committed to serving our business community. In addition to recruitment and staffing services, we deliver employment tools, management resources, and leadership seminars to the businesses we work with in the areas of: 

    • Ypsilanti
    • Ann Arbor
    • Manchester
    • Saline

    We know that when our businesses thrive, we all benefit. Our staffing agency is committed to serving and supporting our business community, and we bring that high level of attention to your business, too. 

    Get access to talented, hard-working job candidates in Ypsilanti and the area. To find new hires through our staffing agency, just contact Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor at  (734) 929-5093