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  • Staffing in Ypsilanti

    Ann Arbor, MI - May 26, 2021

    Staffing in Ypsilanti | Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor At Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor, our staffing solutions for employers in Ypsilanti cover a wide range of placements. While we're widely known for temporary placements and contract staffing, we're also a popular choice for direct hire placements.

    Unlike our temporary and contract placements, which provide workers at an hourly rate, direct hire placements allow you to recruit new employees for a one-time fee. This way, you can harness our recruiting expertise when you want to hire new personnel for your business.

    Direct hire placements offer a number of advantages to businesses in Ypsilanti, and they can help you address a number of common staffing challenges. Below are three situations where direct hire placements from Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor can be leveraged by your business.

    Advantages of Direct Hire Staffing

    Focus on the Important Stuff.  Hiring new personnel is part of running a business, but it's not your core priority. The more time and attention you devote to recruitment, the less you can focus on the activities that define your business in Ypsilanti. By partnering with Express for direct hire staffing, you can focus on what your company does best, while relying on us to do what we do best: finding talented, hardworking people for your workforce.

    Hire Skilled Staff More Effectively.  Recruiting skilled professionals can prove difficult for employers in Ypsilanti, especially when you're hiring for new and unfamiliar roles. At Express, we have years of experience across a wide range of fields, allowing us to attract, evaluate, and place skilled staff more effectively. This way, you'll have less uncertainty when hiring new team members for specialized roles with your business.

    Stronger Returns on Recruitment.  At Express, we use a proven system for recruiting the right candidates. This system includes proven strategies for finding skilled and motivated applicants, for reviewing and interviewing candidates, and for matching the right person with each job opening. By applying this system to direct hires, you can improve your rate of successful hires while maintaining cost certainty through our one-time hiring fees.

    Direct Hire Solutions in Ypsilanti

    Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor works closely with employers in Ypsilanti when providing direct hire services. We will take the time to understand the makeup of your workforce, the types of employees who thrive as members of your team, and your ultimate goals for recruitment.

    Our direct hire staffing solutions are available to employers in:

    • Ypsilanti
    • Ann Arbor
    • Saline
    • Manchester
    • Surrounding areas

    Get started with direct hire staffing in Ypsilanti! Contact Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor today at (734) 929-5093 to schedule an initial consultation.