Workforce Solutions in Ann Arbor: 4 Benefits for Employers

  • Workforce Solutions in Ann Arbor: 4 Benefits for Employers

    Ann Arbor, MI - February 03, 2021

    Workforce Solutions in Ann Arbor | Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor Workforce solutions from Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor can help your business build a stronger workforce.

    Our staffing experts work closely with employers throughout the local area to help them fill short-term and long-term positions, make recruitment more efficient, and find skilled workers more easily. We offer staffing for office, industrial, and professional positions, with options for short-term and long-term placements.

    The Benefits of Our Workforce Solutions

    Wondering what our team can bring to your business? Here are four of the biggest benefits offered by our workforce solutions.

    1. Workforce Flexibility. With Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor, you can build a more flexible and dynamic workforce. Our staffing services are an ideal fit for businesses who routinely need temporary workers or seasonal staff. They're also valuable for employers who want to maintain the ability to scale operations in response to changing market conditions.

    2. Efficient Hiring. Hiring new staff can be a costly and time-intensive process. These costs only increase when poor hiring practices result in high levels of turnover. Our team can help make your hiring practices more efficient and more effective. We use a process that not only reduces staffing costs, but which is also proven to recruit strong candidates more consistently.

    3. Local Experience. We take pride in being a locally owned and operated business, focusing on the staffing needs of Ann Arbor's business community. As a local agency, we have years of experience with staffing giving us a unique understanding of the challenges faced by local employers and the best strategies for local recruitment.

    4. Client Relationships. Our team takes pride in developing close relationships with clients. We take the time to truly understand the nature of your industry and your workforce. We then tailor our workforce solutions to your business. This helps us find the kinds of candidates your business needs in order to thrive. It also allows us to respond quickly when you're faced with unexpected vacancies or other changes to your workforce.

    Serving Employers in Ann Arbor, MI

    As a locally owned and operated staffing company, we consider it a privilege to serve employers in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. Currently, our service area includes:

    • Ann Arbor
    • Ypsilanti
    • Saline
    • Manchester
    • Neighboring areas

    Ready to get started with workforce solutions from Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor? Contact us today at (734) 929-5093 to learn more about our services and request a consultation!