Workforce Solutions in Saline

  • Workforce Solutions in Saline

    Ann Arbor, MI - April 06, 2021

    Workforce Solutions in Saline | Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor Are you under the impression that workforce solutions from professional staffing agencies are reserved for specific industries? In fact, businesses working in a variety of fields in Saline depend on full-service hiring agencies like Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor to fulfill their staffing needs.

    Our agency's expert team is equipped with extensive resources from our international headquarters as well as plenty of experience cultivating relationships with local companies and job seekers. As a result, we're able to build custom workforce solutions for every level of business.

    Types of Roles Our Workforce Solutions Can Fill

    We go above and beyond for our clients by getting to know their workplace culture and the specific demands of each open position. Then, we utilize a meticulous ISO 9001:2000 certified vetting process to ensure the candidates we bring forward are precisely the right fit for the job and the company in question.

    Thanks to our breadth of expertise, we can fill jobs across a broad range of categories. The four main business classifications we serve include:

    • Office Services. Whether you need someone for customer support or to run the front desk, we'll be able to match you with a talented individual who can grow with your company. The vast majority of businesses staff office services roles of some sort, including data entry clerks, administrative assistants, and office managers.
    • Light Industrial. These roles cover a variety of job types, including warehouse labor, shipping and receiving workers, and general maintenance. They typically only require the equivalent of a high school diploma and may include on-the-job training or access to relevant training programs.
    • Skilled Trades. Unlike light industrial roles, skilled trades necessitate special certifications or proof of experience. Common fields for these jobs are work with HVAC systems, CNC machinery, pipefitting, property maintenance, construction, and forklift driving.
    • Professional. Advanced roles that demand higher education fall under the category of professional positions. These job types are dominant in scientific industries, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, information technology, sales, and accounting.

    Crafting a Custom Workforce Solution for Your Business in Saline

    If you have staffing needs in any of the above areas, we can help make the recruitment process quick and cost-effective while also reducing turnover. Our workforce solutions are available for businesses across the local community, including those with staffing needs in:

    • Saline
    • Ann Arbor
    • Ypsilanti
    • Manchester
    • And other towns in the area

    Get started with a customized workforce solution for your business in the Saline area today. Contact Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor at (734) 929-5093 to learn more.