• 21 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

    Athens, GA - April 28, 2021

    21 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

    Going into a job interview can be scary. It's a good idea to come into an interview with some questions about the position and the company. Asking questions can demonstrate to the interviewer or hiring manager that you are interested in the position. Even if you have questions you want to ask during the interview, sometimes nerves can take over, and you can forget everything you wanted to know from your potential employer. Express Employment has compiled a general list of questions that you can ask your employer to help you out.

    Learn about the position:

    1. What does a typical day look like for the person in this role?

    2. What are some of the first projects the person in this role will be working on?

    3. What are some challenges that the person in this role might face?

    4. What qualities do you think are most important to succeed in this role and at this company?

    Get to know your team:

    1. Can you tell me about the team the person in this role will work with?

    2. How would you describe the management style of this team?

    3. Who will I work closely with?

    4. Who will I be reporting to?

    5. Do you plan to hire more people for this team in the near future?

    6. Which other teams does the person in this role work with?

    Ask about the work environment:

    1. What is the company culture like?

    2. How would you describe the work environment for the team?

    3. What kind of team/company events do you have?

    4. What has been the best part about working with this company?

    5. How has the company changed since you've joined?

    Find out about growth opportunities:

    1. Are there training programs available to employees?

    2. What professional development opportunities are available to employees?

    3. What are the advancement opportunities for this role?

    4. Have employees previously in this role advanced in the company? What kinds of roles do they have now?

    Final questions to close out an interview:

    1. Is there anything else I can give you that would be helpful in making a decision?

    2. Are there any more questions I can answer for you?

    Choose the questions that are most relevant to you and the career position you want to be in. Write the questions down in a notebook and bring them to your interview; you can also use the notebook to jot down important information during the interview. Politely taking notes shows the hiring manager that you are taking the interview seriously and that you want to understand the position as best you can. Express Employment is here to help you reach your career dreams and find your perfect job. For information about the services Express Employment provides and other job resources, check out our website .