• Finding a Job with our Express Employment 5-Step Process

    April 20, 2020

    You've just got the news… It's time for a new job. Maybe you were let go as a result of unforeseen circumstances, or perhaps you decided to grow your career and experience something new. Regardless of what got you here, we want to help YOU find your dream job. With the Express Pros 5-Step Hiring Process, you will have a picturesque job in no time.


    As an Express Associate, we'll match your skills to the jobs we have available, present you to the companies we serve and coach you on successful interview techniques. And, you never pay a fee for the services and support we provide. One application gives you access to multiple opportunities with top local employers. Step-by-step, we're on your side, working for you.


    The first step of our hiring process is to find an Express Employment location near you. In Georgia, we have offices in Athens, Braselton, Covington and Lawrenceville. To see a full list of locations in the US by state, visit the locations page on our website: https://workforce.expresspros.com/locations


    The second step of our hiring process is to find job openings near you. We have a comprehensive search engine on our website to help make this process carry out smoothly; another option is to contact your local Express Employment team to hear a personalized list of jobs you are qualified for. https://jobs.expresspros.com/search


    The third step of our hiring process is to create an account on our website and start applying to the jobs you found from step two. When you apply, make sure you have details about your work experience, references, and education, as well as your contact information gathered before you apply. Express offices are individually owned and support a specific area in their region, so be sure to consider all the Express offices within the geographic area you would like to work. 


    The fourth step of our hiring process includes the interview and assessment processes. Your interview with Express is our chance to get to know you, so it's important to put your best foot forward and help us understand your skills and expertise so we can properly present you to companies within our database. One interview with Express connects you with many different businesses hiring for a wide variety of positions throughout our community.


    The fifth and final step of our hiring process is to find a job and get hired! Express can help you find the type of job that is a good fit for your needs and abilities. Express can place you in a wide range of jobs that meet your employment goals, including office services, light industrial, and professional positions. 


    The hiring process doesn't have to be as stressful as many believe. At Express Employment Professionals, we will place YOU in a permanent job that suits your individual needs and qualifications. Contact your local Express Employment team today to get started.