• What are the best ways to find a new job fast?

    January 29, 2020

    What are the best ways to find a new job fast?

    Are you looking to find a new job fast? While the process of looking for a new job can be stressful and lengthy, don't get discouraged! Here at Express Employment Professionals, we want to help YOU give your career an upgrade without stretching the clock. 

    When searching for jobs on websites such as Indeed or LinkedIn, choose the option titles "advanced job search" to reduce time filtering out jobs that don't suit your needs. Furthermore, we advise you to avoid applying to every job you see. Focus on the careers that you are qualified for, pay sufficiently enough, and are in your area. 

    When it comes to the recruitment process, a resumé and cover letter could make or break your chances. Cut down your resumé to one page in length by only including relevant job experience information; too many words will lose the reader's attention. Additionally, an adept cover letter is crucial to your first impression as an applicant. Ideally, it should explain why you (above all others) are qualified for a specific role and eager to be a part of their company.

    Lastly, references can be the most important aspect of securing a job. Employment agencies offer a professional reference to help you in the application process and show recruiters that you were willing to go that extra mile to find their company. 

    At Express Employment Professionals, we will provide the networking boost you'll need to reduce the duration of your job hunt and see results fast.  Contact us today to set up a consultation with our career experts.