• Words to Include on your Resume

    September 02, 2020

    If you read our previous blog, you now know what words NOT to use on your resume. Words like team player and proactive are overused, cliches, and do not give hiring managers any real insight into who you are and why they should hire you. While these words should be avoided like the plague, there are many words that you SHOULD include in your resume. Since you have less than 30 seconds to grab your hiring manager's attention, use strong action verbs like the ones in this list to show employers what you have accomplished and what you can offer to the company.


    1. Managed - This keyword shows you are able to successfully lead others and execute a project. It proves to employers that they can rely on you. A word like managed proves you have the higher level skill set to take an idea and run with, making sure it goes smoothly and is completed. Additionally, this is an important word to include if you are applying for a management position.


    1. Numbers - Use numbers to show off what you have accomplished at previous jobs. If you helped increase profits, share exactly how much they increased by. If you grew sales by a certain percentage, put that percentage on your resume. Numbers provide proof that you are results-oriented and hardworking.


    1. Won - This action verb shows you have achieved something in the past. Employers want to have proof of your success. Winning an award proves that you are successful.


    1. Redesigned - Strong action words like "redesigned" show you leadership and problem-solving skills. If you redesigned something, you are capable of transforming something from bad to good. Action words, in general, are critical on your resume. But, picking unique and specific words like this one really showcases to potential employers who you are and what you can do.


    1. Spearheaded - Instead of simple verbs like "helped" and "assisted," use the word spearheaded to emphasize that you not only participated in a project, but also took charge and made a significant contribution. Your resume is not the place to minimize your work. Take time with your word choice and show off what you have accomplished.


    1. Revenue/Profit - Companies want to know that you will benefit them. If you helped increase profit or revenue in your previous jobs, put it on your resume! Include specific numbers or percentages to show what you are capable of and let them know that you can help them improve their revenue or profits, too.


    1. Under budget - If you helped with executing a task or event and were able to do so without maximizing or going over the budget, put that in your resume! Companies do not only want to make profit, but also save money. So if you are good at keeping things under budget, they will be impressed.


    1. Launched - This is a powerful action verb that shows you are responsible, driven, and will take charge. It isn't an overused and cliche word, but rather one that is impactful and demonstrates what you can do.


    1. Volunteered - This action verb demonstrates your ability to step up to the plate, even when you aren't asked. It proves you will go the extra mile and that you have a strong initiative and work ethic.


    1. Trained/Mentored - If you have trained/mentored a person or a group of people, put it on your resume! This proves to employers that you have experience managing others and are reliable and respected. People look up to you, which is a good thing.


    Next time you are updating your resume, try to incorporate these words to make your resume stand out and impress hiring managers!