Job Skills in Friendswood: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

  • Job Skills in Friendswood: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

    Friendswood, TX - December 19, 2019

    Job Skills in Friendswood Are you looking for new job opportunities in the Friendswood area? If so, the employment experts at Express Employment Professionals Houston (Bay Area) are here to pave the way for your career success. We will review the importance of one of the most essential job skills in Friendswood - the art of communication.

    Communication, like other soft skills, is easy to take for granted as a marketable skill. However, even if it isn't listed on every job posting, being an effective communicator is key to keeping a job and building a strong reputation in your chosen field.

    The Importance of Communication as a Job Skill in Friendswood

    Being a good communicator is about more than getting along with the people you work with - though that is definitely a strength for any employee. Expressing yourself clearly and tactfully and being an active listener can also benefit a business in the following ways:

    • It reduces the risk of costly mistakes and improves efficiency - Whether it's a misunderstanding about a deadline, an exact instruction, or the scope of a project, poor communication can prevent people from doing their job effectively. If you can process information well and clearly state what you've achieved and what you need to move forward, you can contribute to a more efficient workplace.
    • It can contribute to workplace safety - Depending on the kind of work you do, good communication can play a key role in helping everyone stay safe on the job. If you're working with heavy machinery or moving supplies around, for example, keeping others informed about what tasks are happening when can help 
    • It helps create a more positive work experience  - If you can't communicate your needs or ideas well - or respond to feedback - it can create a frustrating and stressful work environment for the people around you. By practicing these skills, you can help create a more seamless and positive work experience, and show that you're consistent and easy to work with.  

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