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  • Jobs in Friendswood

    Friendswood, TX - February 03, 2020

    Jobs in Friendswood | Express Employment Professionals Houston (Bay Area) Are you searching for new job opportunities? Let us help. With Express Employment Professionals Houston (Bay Area), you can gain access to a wide range of part-time, full-time, and contract jobs in Friendswood and the surrounding area, and gain the support of a local employment team that cares about job seekers like you.

    At Express Employment Professionals Houston (Bay Area), we make it our mission to match job seekers in the Friendswood region with new opportunities based on their experience, skill set, and availability. As a locally owned business linked to an international brand, we've established close ties with local industries so we know exactly what our clients are looking for and how to set our associates up for success. 

    About Our Jobs in Friendswood

    Why navigate all the stress and uncertainty of a typical job search when you can have a team of dedicated employment professionals supporting you at every step - all at no cost to you? Our staffing process is simple. Our industry clients in the Friendswood area inform us of the positions they need to fill, and we set to work finding the best candidates for the role. Then, with just one application and interview, you can be put forward for multiple positions in your field.

    While we do work hard to help local job seekers find job placements, that's just one aspect of our job seeker services. By partnering with Express Employment Professionals Houston (Bay Area), you can take advantage of the following benefits:

    • Access to job openings from our Clients across various industries, particularly in light industrial and administrative work
    • Guidance on which jobs and employers would be the best fit for your personality, background, and professional abilities
    • Career development resources ranging from resume writing and interview preparation to white papers on specific skills
    • An employment team that will negotiate on your behalf and advocate for you with future employers

    Express Employment Professionals Houston (Bay Area) Offers Job Services in the Area

    Express Employment Professionals Houston (Bay Area) is committed to the professional success of our job seekers, and to helping local businesses meet their staffing needs. We work closely with businesses and job seekers in the following areas:

    • Friendswood
    • Port
    • League City
    • Pearland

    Looking for jobs in Friendswood and the surrounding area? Contact Express Employment Professionals Houston (Bay Area) at (281) 648-4200 to learn more about our job listings and support services.