Using Metrics to Make Improve Your Resume

  • Using Metrics to Make Improve Your Resume

    Bend OR - October 18, 2022

    10/2022/October--Job Center in Bend OR As a top  recruitment firm in Bend , we know that working to make your resume more presentable is essential in the current job market. However, with many qualified candidates vying for the same position, you need to find a way to set yourself apart from the rest. One effective way to do this is by utilizing metrics.  

    Including metrics on your resume can help demonstrate your value to potential employers and show them what you have accomplished in previous roles. When used correctly, metrics can be a powerful tool to help you land the job you want. Here are a few tips on using metrics to make your resume stand out. 

    Choose the Right Metrics 

    Not all metrics are created equal. When choosing which metrics to include on your resume, select those most relevant to the position you are applying for. For example, metrics such as closed deals or new customer acquisition would be more appropriate than social media engagement or website traffic if you apply for a sales position. 

    Be Specific 

    When including metrics on your resume, it is essential to be as specific as possible. For example, don't just say that you increased website traffic by X percent; you increased website traffic by X percent year-over-year for three consecutive years. Being more specific increases your chances of making a lasting impression on potential employers. 

    Use Data Visualizations 

    While including numbers on your resume is essential, presenting them in an easy-to-understand format is just as critical. Data visualizations (charts and graphs) can help communicate complex information quickly and effectively. However, be sure to use data visualizations sparingly, as too many can make your resume look cluttered and difficult to read. 

    When used correctly, metrics can be a powerful tool that will help you land the job you want. So, choose the right metrics, be specific, and use data visualizations wisely, and you'll be well on your way to creating a resume that will help you get the job you want with a staffing center like ours! 

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