Top Skills that Employers Look for in 2022

  • Top Skills that Employers Look for in 2022

    Bend, OR - June 22, 2022

    2022-06 Staffing in Bend OR It's no secret that the job market is competitive. With more people vying for a limited number of jobs, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. One way to set yourself apart is to make sure that you have the skills that employers are looking for. In this blog post, a recruitment firm in Bend, OR, will discuss the top skills employers want in employees and why they are important. 

    Trainable/Willingness to Learn 

    With the rapid pace of change in the modern world, it's essential to be able to learn new things quickly and adapt to new situations. Being willing to learn new things and adapt to change shows that you're open to the latest ideas and willing to put in the work to stay ahead of the curve. 


    In today's workplace, it's more important than ever to be a good fit with the company culture. With so much of our lives spent at work, it's important to find a place where you feel like you belong. A good personality fit is also important because it makes for a more harmonious and productive working environment. 

    Relevant Experience/Expertise 

    Of course, employers also want to see that you have the relevant experience and expertise for the job. Even if you don't have direct experience, though, you can still highlight transferable skills that would make you a good fit for the job. 

    Strong Soft Skills 

    Finally, employers are also looking for candidates with strong soft skills. These are the interpersonal skills that enable you to interact effectively with others. Things like communication, teamwork, and customer service are all especially important soft skills. 

    So, there you have it! These are the top skills from an esteemed staffing center that employers are looking for in employees. If you can focus on developing these skills, you'll be well on your way to landing your dream job. 

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