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  • Top 4 Virtual Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Bend, OR - March 03, 2023

    2023-02 - Staffing agency bend oregonDon't let virtual interviews intimidate you! Companies are utilizing tools like Zoom to conduct their interviews since the recent pandemic. It is important that you, as a potential candidate, understand the common pitfalls many interviewees make during virtual interviews. A leading staffing agency has compiled four ways that can help you avoid making a misstep during your online interview process.

    Join the Meeting a Few Minutes Early 

    We all know technology can be a bit finicky at times, and it usually hits us when we least expect it. It is important to log into your meeting a few minutes before your meeting time to ensure that the program you are using is working correctly. Test your camera and volume if you can! Being prepared and ready to go when your interviewer joins the meeting is a great way to make a good first impression.

    Choose a Quiet Room 

    Virtual interviews require the candidate to manage the variables surrounding them. Whereas in an in-person interview, a candidate is not responsible for their environment, virtual interviews put this responsibility on the shoulders of both the interviewer and interviewee. Make sure you pick a quiet location to set up for your interview, where you will not be interrupted or distracted by others. Choosing the right location is important to the productivity and flow of the conversation during the interview!

    Avoid Possible Interruptions 

    In-person interviews typically happen within a controlled environment; however, virtual interviews come with more variables that you should be aware of when preparing for your meeting. Take the time to ensure that all potential interruptions have been addressed, including turning your devices to silent mode and telling those around you that you will be having an interview at the designated time. You want to make the most out of your meeting, and avoiding these common interruptions will definitely help!

    Dress Professionally 

    When it comes to your attire, virtual interviews are no different than traditional ones! Avoid making the same mistake as others, and dress how you would if you were to go to an in-person interview. Though you may be in a more casual environment, you don’t want it to reflect in your appearance. During virtual interviews, you may only be presenting the top half of your outfit, but it's important that you dress in full business attire to avoid any potentially embarrassing mistakes!

    Virtual interviews may come with more prep work than traditional ones, but they still give you the opportunity to present your best self to the hiring manager. You can ensure that you put your best foot forward if you avoid these common mistakes by joining your meeting early, choosing a quiet room, avoiding potential interruptions, and dressing professionally. If you need more information about how to avoid more pitfalls, you can reach out to job staffing companies in your area to find more details on the typical interview process.

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