Express Buffalo Testimonials

  • “When you say it about yourself, it’s bragging. When somebody else says it about you, it's proof.

  • "The crew you have sent is doing very well. Especially with attendance. Thank you."           
    - James Jaquays   

    "Confirmed and great job training!!! You and all Express people are wonderful"           
    - Charles Hosier 

    "Thank you for the quick response in helping us to get this position filled. I look forward to working with Express!"           
    - Tamara Bellanti 

    "Thanks for everything, you guys have been great! I would refer Express services all day long!"           
    - Brian Atkinson 

    "I have been using Express to help manage labor needs at my business. I have worked with Josie & Nina and they are always taking care of business. I often give them less than 24 hours notice of needing help and they still get it done. I don't have to worry about keeping staff that I only need for a day or two either. Express is great and I recommend it to anyone who is spending their valuable time looking for labor."          
    - McCarthy T

    "I highly recommend Express Employment in Buffalo, NY, because they are extremely friendly and very nice. They are a great business to help you find a job that best fits you. I was able to find a job with them in less than a week!"          
    - Jayson Vega  

    "Express employment professionals was by far one of the greatest choices I ever made. They are very professional and always maintain the best for their clients. I recommend this company to anybody who is interested in their services."          
    - Patrick Jones 

    "Highly recommend! The idea of trying to find a job was very scary with how hard it is to find one right now. But Express really helped me out and now I am very happy with my job!"     
    - Gail Goddard

    "I was very satisfied with my experience with Express Employment Professionals! The moment I walked in, I was greeted by friendly staff. They helped me from there on out with everything I needed to do with finding the perfect job. After less than a week later, I found a great job! I highly recommend anyone within the Amherst/Buffalo area to use Express's services to find the perfect job for you! Thanks again!"     
    - Ronald Murphy 

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