Job Skills in Buffalo: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

  • Job Skills in Buffalo: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

    Amherst, NY - December 23, 2019

    Job Skills in Buffalo | Express Employment Professionals Buffalo If you're trying to find a job in the Buffalo area, or you're trying to advance in your current position, there few job skills that can further your success more than good communication. From our work finding top-notch job candidates for local businesses, we've found that communication is consistently one of the most valuable job skills in Buffalo. But what makes this skill so important and how can you improve your own abilities?

    Why Communication is an Essential Job Skill in Buffalo

    Have you ever had a boss who gave you confusing or conflicting instructions? What about a coworker who never gave you a straight answer when you asked a simple question? Poor communication isn't just annoying - it can actually prevent you from doing your job well. On a larger scale, poor communication can cause significant losses for any business in terms of time wasted and easily preventable errors made.

    For these reasons, employers in Buffalo are always looking for candidates with excellent communication skills. While communication styles can differ from person to person, effective communication typically involves the following:

    • Active listening skills - To be a truly effective communicator, you have to be a good listener. Active listening means giving someone your full attention and letting them make their point before you respond. Once they're done, it's your turn to ask any clarifying questions. Then, you can both walk away feeling confident you're on the same page.
    • Clear and concise presentation skills - Whether you're speaking to a group or just talking one on one, try to state your main points as simply and directly as possible. Even if you're getting into the nitty-gritty details of a subject or process, keep the most important takeaways crisp and easy to understand.
    • A calm and tactful approach - When you work with other people, you're bound to disagree from time to time. No matter how frustrated you feel, or how convinced you are that you're in the right, try to express yourself calmly and respectfully.

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