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  • Jobs in Buffalo

    Amherst, NY - February 10, 2020

    Jobs in Buffalo Could your new career path be right around the corner? With our job seeker services at Express Employment Services Buffalo, it will be! We're a local staffing agency with an extensive network of company clients offering a diverse selection of jobs in Buffalo and the surrounding area. If you're looking to advance your career, earn additional income, or explore different professional roles, our hiring professionals can help you do it.

    The employment professionals at Express Employment Services Buffalo can share the stress, uncertainty, and sheer time spent searching and applying for jobs in the area. When you apply for our services, we'll discuss your experience, verify your skills, and ask you questions to learn more about your goals, your personality, and which workplace environments would suit you best. Then we can find the job placements that meet your needs in every sense.

    There are no fees for our job seeker services in Buffalo, and no obligation to accept a position if you don't think it would be a good fit. Simply put, we want you to feel good about the next step in your career - and the next, and the next. 

    About Our Jobs in Buffalo

    Our hiring experts are highly skilled at matching our job applicants with rewarding and lucrative opportunities in the area, including roles in light industrial services, office services, and professional services. Informed by your current needs and preferences, our employment team can help you secure part-time, full-time, contract, or temporary positions in your chosen field.

    At Express Employment Professionals Buffalo, we're invested in the long-term satisfaction of success of all our applicants, so we offer a range of services for a productive job search experience. These include:

    • An ongoing selection of jobs recommended based on the skill set, your schedule, and your preferred company culture
    • In-person support and online career development resources to sharpen your resume writing and interview skills and build on your industry-related credentials
    • Employer negotiations so that your work contracts reflect your skills, experience, and overall value add for any company

    Express Employment Professionals Buffalo Supports Job Seekers in the Buffalo Area

    If you're ready to challenge yourself and broaden your skills, Express Employment Services Buffalo can help you find the perfect opportunity to do so through our job seeker services. Our employment team works closely with applicants and businesses in the following areas:

    Call Express Employment Services Buffalo today at (716) 833-3348 to find out more about our services and explore our available jobs in Buffalo.