How To Jumpstart Your 2019 Job Search in Lancaster

  • How To Jumpstart Your 2019 Job Search in Lancaster

    West Seneca, NY - February 12, 2019

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    The job search can be a dreaded time for job-seekers in Lancaster, Buffalo, and West Seneca, but it doesn't have to be. Looking for work is a great time to take inventory of your career plans, take specific steps to fulfill your goals, and find work that you enjoy. This year, make the most of your job search with help from Express Employment Professionals of Western New York. 

    Make The Most Of Your Lancaster Job Search With These 3 Tips

    At Express Employment Professionals, our team works with job-seekers every day, to match individuals with great jobs that suit your temperament, training, and career plans. If you're on the job search in the Lancaster or Buffalo area, here's a few tips to maximize the process:  

    • Know your strengths. It's important to get a comprehensive profile of your skills, strengths, and training before you start your job search in Lancaster. Make a list. What specific certification do you have? What skills have former managers praised you for? If you can, ask the people around you to contribute to this list. We find that this can help job-seekers see a pattern and understand what types of environments you thrive in. You'll also want to incorporate the highlights of your skills profile in your resume.      
    • Set your goals. If you haven't already done this, it's also good to start thinking about what you enjoy at a job. Do you like workplaces where teamwork is a core aspect of your day-to-day? Do you work better under close supervision or when you're given self-directed tasks? Do you want to take active steps towards a leadership role in the next couple of years? Setting these goals-and understanding what you enjoy most in a job-is crucial to finding work that you'll love. 
    • Prepare your questions. Finally, you'll want to make a list of questions to ask prospective employers during the interview process of your job search. The interview is an underutilized aspect of the job search for many job-seekers. It's an opportunity to gain vital insights about workplace culture, responsibilities, and expectations of a particular position, and the management style of your potential boss. Make sure you come prepared with these questions when you land a job interview!   

    Express Employment Professionals of Western New York can help you make the most of your job search in Lancaster or Buffalo-just call (716) 800-4311 to find out how.