What Every Job-Seeker Should Know About Employment Agencies in Lancaster

  • What Every Job-Seeker Should Know About Employment Agencies in Lancaster

    West Seneca, NY - April 02, 2019

    Employment Agencies in Lancaster | Express Pros  Are you looking for work in western New York? Have you tried using employment agencies in Buffalo or Lancaster? If not, now is a great time to try out Express Employment Professionals of Western New York. These days, the vast majority of companies in Buffalo, West Seneca, and Lancaster (as well as companies across America) are using agencies to source new hires. If you're not using those services, it means you're missing out on all kinds of plum opportunities. Here's what you need to know about using our services to get hired. 

    What Types of Jobs Can You Find With Employment Agencies in Lancaster? 

    If you think you'll only find temp or entry-level work with employment agencies in Lancaster and Buffalo, think again. Express Employment Professionals of Western New York can help you find all types of work across all industries, whether you're just starting out in your career or you've been around for quite some time: 

    • Temp and short-term assignments. These types of jobs allow you to build up skills and expertise quickly, try out new job environments, and make new contacts while receiving a steady paycheck.   
    • Working as an Express Associate. While this isn't a job assignment, being an Associate allows you to maintain an ongoing relationship with Express. Some Associates may even be eligible for benefits.* 
    • Full-time job openings.  From getting hired for a trial period to finding long-term assignments, Express can help you find work by tapping into our extensive local network of companies. 

    How To Maximize Your Chances with Employment Agencies in Lancaster and Buffalo

    If you've never used employment agencies in Lancaster before, what should you know? Here are a couple of suggestions:

    • Be straightforward. When you reach out to employment agencies in Buffalo or Lancaster, it's important to honestly convey your expertise, career interests, and where you want to be. We can only help you if you're forthright about what you're looking for! 
    • Be open-minded.  At Express Employment Professionals of Western New York, we'll try to match you with jobs that fit your skill set and your career goals. Even if you're not sure how a job assignment can help you, keep an open mind! And don't be afraid to ask us about how a particular job might help you reach your goals. 

    If you're looking for work in or near Lancaster and Buffalo, our employment agency can help. Call Express Employment Professionals of Western New York today at (716) 800-4311, and speak to one of our team about how we can get you hired. 

    * Express Associates may be required to work a specified number of hours and/or weeks before they become eligible for some benefits. Benefits may vary by Express location. Your Express representative will be able to provide more detail about specific benefits for which you qualify.