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    Cambridge, ON - August 30, 2021

    Recruiting in Cambridge | Express Employment Professionals Cambridge As a leading provider of recruiting services in Cambridge, we know how much work goes into a successful job interview.

    One area where candidates sometimes have trouble is when they're asked if they have any questions for the interviewer. A candidate could ace every question they've been asked, then draw a blank when invited to ask their own questions.

    This typically happens for one of two reasons. Either the candidate forgot to prepare questions in advance, or they didn't know what types of questions they should ask.

    To help, the recruiting experts at Express Employment Professionals Cambridge have collected three of the best questions you can ask in an interview. Feel free to use these questions in your own job interviews. Alternatively, use them as inspiration to come up with your own!

    Questions You Can Ask in a Job Interview

    In your experience, what types of people thrive in this role, and what sets these people apart? If you want to find out if you're the right fit for this role, this is a great question to ask. Instead of asking the interviewer to describe a hypothetical candidate, you're asking them to give real-world examples. That usually means a more detailed and accurate answer.

    What are some of the biggest challenges you expect the person in this role to face? This question can be extremely helpful for job seekers. Most employers leave out this information when writing job postings, but it's crucial info for whoever accepts the job. As a candidate, you want to make sure you're up to the challenge and that the employer isn't trying to hide serious issues with the position.

    How long have previous employees stayed in this role and what was their next career move? If you're applying to a job with the hope of future advancement, consider asking this question. You'll find out if there's a realistic shot at climbing the ladder and how long you might need to wait for advancement. This question can also tell you if there's a high rate of turnover, which is a warning sign for most jobs.

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