Seasonal Staffing in Cambridge

  • Seasonal Staffing in Cambridge

    Cambridge, ON - October 04, 2021

    Seasonal Staffing in Cambridge | Express Employment Professionals Cambridge Many people want to turn seasonal staffing opportunities into full-time positions. Often, employers in Cambridge are limited in how many people they can keep on after the busy season. If you want to be kept on full-time, you'll also want to take a few key steps to make this possible. 

    Let's review what you'll want to do to stand out to your employer. 

    4 Tips for Turning Seasonal Work Into A Full-Time Opportunity

    For job-seekers in Cambridge, remember that seasonal staffing may not always translate into a full-time position, even if you do your best. That said, a few simple steps can help you shine as an employee: 

    • Tell them from the start.  If you're interested in seasonal work, let your supervisors know from the start. If you tell your employers you're interested in staying on, you'll be on their radar early on. Do understand that this doesn't make you a shoo-in for a full-time job: you'll have to prove your worth, too. 
    • Show you're reliable.  If supervisors know they can rely on you, you're already creating a case for being kept on full-time. Show up on time-or even a bit early. Have a flexible schedule to pick up extra shifts. If it's a busy day and they need extra hands, be ready to stay a little later. All of this can showcase your worth.  
    • Take feedback with grace.  Receiving feedback gracefully is a huge asset which will serve you well throughout your career. When your supervisor gives you feedback, thank them. Take time to breathe, brainstorm some concrete ways you can improve, and then prove you're taking their feedback to heart. 
    • Show your soft skills.  Seasonal work can be a great time to build up soft skills, and as a bonus, it can help you stand out to your supervisors, too. Show you have a pleasant attitude, you're hard-working, and you get along with those you work with. All of these are real skills, and can help you earn full-time work.

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