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  • Express Blog Articles Champaign IL Are You Working on Building a Career? Champaign, IL - 04/29/2022 Do you have quite a few jobs listed on your resume? Because the popularity of the gig economy is on the rise, having a few short-term job experiences on your resume is becoming more acceptable. Even though job-hopping isn't as frowned upon as it used to be, there is still a significant distinction between having a job and building a career.
    Express Blog Articles Champaign IL The Most Important Things to do During a Job Interview Champaign, IL - 03/25/2022 Are you preparing for a job interview and want to make sure you make the best impression? Here are some tips from a career center in Champaign, IL for things you can do during the interview to set yourself apart from the other candidates.  
    Express Blog Articles Champaign IL How to Spot Red Flags During an Interview Champaign, IL - 02/23/2022 Have you ever left an interview that you were originally thrilled about feeling as if something just wasn't quite right? Several things could have made you feel this way from the interviewer making you wait an obscene amount of time to be seen or even dodging questions about salary.
    Express Blog Articles Champaign IL 5 Tips to Update Your Resume in 2022 Champaign, IL - 01/26/2022 Are you searching for a new career in 2022 and you're wondering where to start? A provider of staffing solutions in Champaign, IL has the answer for you - update your resume.
    Express Blog Articles Champaign IL How to Be More Assertive in the Workplace Champaign, IL - 12/21/2021 While being nice to others in the workplace is considered a wonderful character trait, it can also end up being detrimental to your productivity level and even your mental health if your niceness translates into accepting an unreasonable workload.