Meet the Owner


    Meet the Owners 

    LynnRichard Richard and Lynn bring over 32 years of leadership experience between them. Lynn graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology from University of Illinois and started her career in Champaign as a Staffing Consultant. Richard served in the military for 11 years, received his Bachelor Degree from the University of Massachusetts in Business and started his career as a plant manager in Oregon where they met.  Together they have owned 6 Express Employment Franchises since their beginning jobs of being a staffing consultant and sales representative. Richard and Lynn have attended workshops from great leaders such as Ken Blanchard, Dale Carnegie, and John Maxwell. Richard finished his certification in March for the John Maxwell Leadership Training. Richard and Lynn are passionate in sharing their knowledge to help other businesses succeed. Each year they host a valuable networking event for area business called Refresh Leadership Live Simulcast.