Getting Hired this Holiday Season

  • Getting Hired this Holiday Season

    Champaign IL - October 19, 2022

    19/2022/October--Local Staffing Companies In Champaign, IL - (217) 355-8500 The end of 2022 is just around the corner, and now is the right time to prepare to find work with a  career agency  like Express Employment Professionals. Although most people use this time to plan their upcoming holiday festivities, local businesses are using this time to focus on holiday recruiting, so they have the help they need to cover their busy season.  

    As a job seeker during most companies' busiest season, this can be an excellent opportunity to land suitable supplemental employment or even find a new permanent employment opportunity. If this sounds like your current position, we have some tips on resolving your holiday job search this year.  

    Apply! Apply! Apply! 

    If you're not seeking any specific type of employment, keep your options as broad as possible and shoot your shot for as many companies hiring in the Champaign-Urbana area this season. Although retail businesses usually employ large numbers of temporary workers, other types of companies also get busy this time of year. Places such as restaurants, caterers, flower shops, shipping companies, and event centers also tend to get busy and need supplemental employees.  

    Be as Flexible as Possible 

    One of the main requirements for seasonal employees is flexibility. This includes being available to work weird or extended store hours to help get the job done. However, this need can also be a temporary sacrifice for time since you may not be as available to enjoy family time due to work. If flexibility is an issue, you may not be the right fit for the majority of seasonal opportunities currently available.  

    Making the Most of Your Temporary Role  

    As a local work staffing agency , we've seen companies initially hire for a limited timeframe, but end up bringing people on permanently. Even if that doesn't happen for you this time, you never know what potential could come from this. So, whether it's just for that extra pay or an opportunity to grow and learn, take the job seriously and give it your all.  

    Locally owned and operated, Express Employment Professionals in Champaign, IL is a full-service employment agency. We eliminate stress by offering a truly customized full-service staffing solution.    

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