5 Tips to Update Your Resume in 2022

  • 5 Tips to Update Your Resume in 2022

    Champaign, IL - January 26, 2022

    2022-01 Career Center in Champaign, IL Are you searching for a new career in 2022 and you're wondering where to start? A provider of staffing solutions in Champaign, IL has the answer for you - update your resume. Read on for 5 tips to make sure that your resume looks fresh and up to date so you can find the perfect position for you! 

    #1 Clean Up Your Work History 

    If you've been in the workforce for a while, you might have worked for a long list of companies. However, it's not necessary to list them all. In fact, hiring managers might believe that you're difficult to manage or hard to please when you list a very long work history. Avoid this by only listing the top 5 companies with which you've had the most relevant and influential experience during the years prior to 2022. 

    #2 Check for Spelling and Grammar Mistakes 

    Hiring managers are sure to notice spelling errors and grammar mistakes on your resume. Such errors make it seem like you're careless or unprofessional. It's best for you to run a spell check, ask a friend to read over your resume, or use online tools like Grammarly before sending your resume to a prospective employer. 

    #3 Update Formatting and Style 

    Make sure you update your resume's formatting and style. These might go out of date quickly, so it's important to keep up with the times. Avoid using complicated or distracting designs and stick to a simple format that will help draw attention to your skills and experience. 

    #4 Don't Be Afraid of a Little Color 

    Adding color to your resume can help make it stand out when you're sending it to a prospective employer. However, resist the temptation to use too much color - your resume should still be easy on the eyes. You might consider using subtle pops of color in headers or perhaps in lines that separate parts of the page. 

    #5 Don't Forget Your Contact Information 

    Prospective employers need a way to reach you with questions and interest, so make sure that your contact information is provided at the top of your resume is up to date. The last thing you want to do is to miss out on a great opportunity because a hiring manager is calling an old number to invite you in for an interview.  

    Now that you've spruced up your resume, consider contacting a career center to find the right job for you! 

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