Are You Working on Building a Career?

  • Are You Working on Building a Career?

    Champaign, IL - April 29, 2022

    2022-04 Corporate Staffing Solutions in Champaign IL Do you have quite a few jobs listed on your resume? Because the popularity of the gig economy is on the rise, having a few short-term job experiences on your resume is becoming more acceptable. Even though job-hopping isn't as frowned upon as it used to be, there is still a significant distinction between having a job and building a career. Are you wondering if your long line of jobs is helping you establish a career? Then this blog shared by a career center in Champaign, IL is the perfect read for you! 

    When you have a job, you show up, do the work that is asked of you, and get paid for your time. You may like your co-workers and boss, but at the end of the day, your primary focus is completing the tasks you were assigned so that you can receive a paycheck.  However, a career is much more than that. It's about honing your skills and being able to grow them so that you can become better at what you do. It's also about finding an organization that you can believe in and that will help support your goals.  

    There are many reasons why someone would choose to have a career over a series of jobs. Perhaps they want the stability that comes with having one employer or they are looking for an opportunity to use their skills to make a real difference. Whatever the reason, if you are wondering whether you should focus on a job or a career, consider the following:  

    - What are your long-term goals? 
    - Do you want to learn new skills? 
    - Are you looking for stability? 
    - Do you want to be a part of something larger? 

    If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it's time to start thinking about building a career. Whether you decide to stay with your current job or look for a new opportunity, always keep your goals in mind and focus on the things that will help you reach them. And the best place to start is by talking with the employment assistance professionals at Express Champaign today! 

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