Top 5 Jobs Where You Can Work with Your Hands

  • Top 5 Jobs Where You Can Work with Your Hands

    Champaign, IL - May 27, 2022

    2022-05 Recruitment Agency in Champaign, IL Do you find yourself going stir crazy in a job where you are stuck indoors all day and spend hours answering phones or working on computers? Then maybe it's time to find a job where you can get outside and work with your hands! Express Employment Professionals, a recruitment firm , is here with five in-demand jobs that might be right up your alley! 

    Job #1: Mechanic 

    Have you always been interested in how vehicles work? Do you tinker with your own car in your spare time? If so, a career as a mechanic could be perfect for you! Mechanics are in high demand right now, as cars are becoming increasingly complex. You could work at a dealership, an independent garage, or even open your own establishment! 

    Job #2: Carpenter 

    Do you love working with wood? Are you good at building things? If so, a career as a carpenter could be the perfect fit for you!  Carpenters are needed to build everything from houses to furniture, and there is always a demand for their skills. You could work for a construction company or start your own business designing and building custom pieces. 

    Job #3: Landscaper  

    Do you love being outdoors? Do you have a green thumb? If so, a career in landscaping might be the ideal path for you! Landscapers are responsible for designing and maintaining outdoor spaces, and there is always a demand for their services. You could work for a landscaping company or launch your own firm catering to residential or commercial clients. 

    Job #4: Hair Stylist 

    Do you have a knack for styling hair? Do you love making people look and feel their best? Then why not become a hair stylist? People are always looking to get their hair cut, dyed, or styled for special occasions. You could work full- or part-time in a salon, or even start your own business from home! 

    Job #5: Electrician 

    Are you interested in how electricity works? Electricians are in high demand, as they are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical systems, so choosing this profession is always a good idea. You could work for an electric company or start your own local business helping clients in your own neighborhood on your own schedule. 

    No matter what job you choose, working with your hands can be extremely satisfying. If you're tired of being stuck behind a desk all day, consider one of these five in-demand jobs where you can work with your hands and reach out to the employment assistance experts at Express Champaign, IL today! 

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