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  • Express News How to Find a Job in Mahomet During the Pandemic Champaign, IL - 04/05/2021 Trying to find a job in Mahomet during the Covid-19 pandemic? Get tips on how to boost your search and apply to open jobs with Express Champaign!
    Express News Find a Job in Urbana Champaign, IL - 03/15/2021 Want to find a job in Urbana? Use these tips to write the perfect cover letter and showcase what makes you the ideal candidate!
    Express News Find a Job in Champaign with Express Champaign, IL - 02/11/2021 Find a job in Champaign with our staffing agency! We are always searching for qualified and hardworking job seekers in our community. Call Express Champaign.
    Express News Our Job Agency in Mahomet: Answering Common Interview Questions Champaign, IL - 12/21/2020 Our job agency in Mahomet can find work for you. At Express Champaign, we offer career support and more. Here are our tips on preparing for an interview.
    Express News Our Job Agency in Urbana: Tips For Your Resume Champaign, IL - 12/07/2020 Find work with our job agency in Urbana. At Express Champaign, we help you get hired and stay hired. Here are a few top tips for writing an outstanding resume.