• Illinois Compliance Alert: June 23rd

    June 23, 2023

    Illinois Compliance Alert: House Bill 2862

    As the area's leading staffing partner, we feel it's imperative to keep our clients and community up to date with all information that could directly affect them and their use of staffing services. With this in mind, we feel it important to alert you of recent Illinois regulatory changes.

    We are expecting Illinois House Bill 2862 to become law, pending signature from Governor Pritzker, beginning July 1, 2023. HB2862 is titled the Acupuncture Practice Act and contains an amendment to the Day and Temporary Labor Services Act.

    Although we are still reviewing the amended law with our Legal and Compliance teams, there are two primary components of the amendment that we want to bring to your attention:

    1) Pay Equality:

    Under this amendment, any temporary associate working in an industrial assignment longer than 90 calendar days must be compensated at a rate of pay not less than that of the lowest paid full-time employee at your organization doing the same work, with the same level of seniority.

    This includes equality of offered benefits, which may require temporary industrial associates to be given additional hourly compensation reflecting the value of the benefits package provided to your full-time employees.

    2) Enhanced Health and Safety Practices:

    The amendment also emphasizes workplace health and safety. The law places additional responsibilities on Staffing Agencies and our clients to provide safety training and additional requirements on documenting the training delivered.

    Before assigning an industrial temporary associate to your company, we are legally obligated to inquire about and review your health and safety practices, noting any workplace hazards, and working with you to minimize workplace injuries.

    Additionally, we will provide general awareness safety training to our associates, addressing recognized industry hazards. A general training program description will be provided to you for your reference. Compliance requirements to provide Department of Labor contact information and a contact for safety concerns within Express and our clients will also be satisfied by this training.

    While these changes are significant, we are fully equipped to meet and manage regulatory fluctuations that may affect your use of staffing services.

    As an international staffing agency, we have faced similar legal requirement challenges in other jurisdictions. We intend to help our clients understand the new Illinois obligations, implement necessary changes to minimize compliance risks and costs, and devise a customized and compliant solution for your company.

    We appreciate your business, and your confidence in Express as a partner in your business success.