Associate Testimonials

  • Building Success. Building Hope. Growing Families

    Express Employment Professionals in Cookeville, TN is the leading staffing provider in the Upper Cumberland. Every day, we help job seekers find work and help businesses find qualified employees.  

    Opened in 2012, Express today employs close to 400 people across nearly 90 client locations throughout the Upper Cumberland. Our long-term goal of providing jobs for every family is at the heart of our company's vision, to help as many people as possible find good jobs by helping as many clients as possible find good people.

  • My job with Express means freedom, the ability to live and function on my own.  Express has always been quick to place me in a job.  Express is a very reliable company if you are willing to work.

    If it wasn't for Express, I do not know where I would be!

    -Associate Jerry Lewis (Associate since January 2014)

    In March of 2015, I received a call from Tasha inviting me to come interview.  I was not familiar with Express and after visiting, frankly, I told my wife, "I think I just wasted 2 hours."  I received several call with job opportunities but I wasn't interested.  Finally, around the beginning of June 2015, Tasha called and said, "I think that I have found the job you are looking for!"

    I interviewed and then accepted the position.  They started me with making $23 an hour.  After 3 months, I was promoted into the company and my new rate was around $33 an hour.  Thank you Express and Tasha most of all! I want to thank God for answering prayers through Express!

    -Associate David Morgan (Associate June 2015 - August 2015)

    Before I came to Express Employment I worked a lot of side jobs and got paid under the table. I found out about Express while applying for a position somewhere else. I went in because I needed help getting my name out and to let people know I’m a hard worker. It’s opened up new opportunities for me.

    I’ve learned a lot of new stuff – sandblasting, using a forklift, being in a slaughterhouse, working at a candy factory in the shipping department. My boss now, Angie, has helped me so much find the permanent position I’m in now.

    I’ve gotten my first apartment, am getting ready to get married, kept my truck running, and have paid off home-schooling. My favorite thing has been meeting a lot of great new people.

    -Associate Devonta Carpenter

    I was with a different temp service and got gout in my knee. I was not placed in a position again and got behind on rent. I came to Express and Tasha worked really hard to get me working and when my first assignment ended, Tasha found me another and better paying job in one day’s time so I had no gap with my check.

    It kept me from getting kicked out of my home and now I’m caught up on my bills. At Express they never blew me off. They have always seemed to be nice and honest about helping you, not only making themselves money. Thank you Express for helping me get back on my feet and Tasha you’re the best.

    -Associate James Wright

    Express to me stands for freedom, security, and sobriety.  Four days after being released from prison I went to Express Employment as a scared, fragile, and insecure woman.  I didn’t believe that anyone would give a multiple felon a chance to prove herself as changed and eager to do right and live right.  That day was the beginning of my self-redeeming journey.  I sat before Kacie Hamby and told the truth about me and my past and all that I had done and asked her for the one thing no one had ever given me.  The chance to prove that I wanted to work and that I would work.

    I asked her to give me the ability to stand on my own two feet as the women I knew I could once again be.  Kacie took that chance and sent me on my first assignment to Russell Stover.  It was only for 2 weeks roughly but to my it was the final break in the chains that held me down for several years.  After that assignment was over I was sent back to Russell Stover for a different position and continued to get myself back bit by bit each day.  I truly enjoyed the people that I worked with as well as the several different jobs I was doing.  My next contact at Express was Tasha Otte.  She sent me to a company called Apcom.  I was sad that it didn’t work out as well as I had hoped it would but that assignment showed me that I could be a team player as well as a team leader if the need was called for.  After Apcom ended Kacie and Tasha continued to work to fiind me more assignments. Even when my health took a turn for the worse they asked after my health and never stopped trying to find me work.  Once again God and Express has brought me back to Russell Stover.  I have been there for a few months now and I look forward to the next couple of months that is left of the season.  I absolutely love my job there as well as the people that I work with.  Over the past 11 months I have gained my self-confidence, self-respect, and self-worth back.  If I had it my way , I would stay at Russell Stover full time if the position became available.  I would be happy and content there.

    I thank God every day for Kacie Hamby and Tasha Otte for taking the chance on a broke down ex conn that most people wouldn’t take the first look at, never mind a second one.  If it wasn’t for them and Express I most likely wouldn’t be where I am today.  My life is still a daily struggle and I still have a long way to go and a lot more that I want to accomplish, but thanks to the foundation I have built with the help of Express and those wonderful women, I have complete faith I can achieve it all.

    -Associate Jennifer Puckett

    First and foremost, it’s important to know my first interaction with Express was at the age of 69! Too old to get a good job, especially one that pays a decent wage. 

    I was coming back out of retirement through  necessity, ie; full time RVing in Texas. Got talked into buying a horse I named Joker, because buying a horse and full-time RVing was definitely a joke. Then Ma wanted a horse, then Ma’s horse had a little horse. Yup, necessity made it necessary to go back to work. But, you’re not going to get a job of any sorts when you pass the age of 55. 

    Enter Express into my life. They have employees that deal on a “one-to-one” basis with companies looking for more mature employees who can bring their life experience to the job.  First job was based on my past experience as a nuclear reactor operator. Express got me a position as another type of reactor operator, though with the understanding that it would only be for 5 or 6 months because the company was going to be moving the plant to a further away location too far to drive to. 

    Three weeks after that job ended, Express had set me up with another job interview, again based on my past experience, with a company at which I’m still employed only this time as a permanent employee. Great wages and benefits and a company vehicle to drive, wish I had this job 40 years ago, LOL!! Oooh, I love Express!!!!

    What I got by being an associate of Express in Cookeville is a whole new family which is truly concerned with how I’m doing. They took all the “leg work” out of job hunting for me, spent the time in going over my job qualifications, and matched me up with my present employer.  Not, at age 70, I can honestly say Express never considered my age a handicap to their endeavor of matching me to a job. And a super, well-paying job this is.

    I truly feel that when I can’t do this job anymore, my family at Express will find something else I can do.  (Like maybe counting bluebirds in the spring at the county park from my company supplied wheelchair, LOL!)  Want a great job – contact Express, they go the extra mile!!! Professional all the way. Want great employees, contact Express. Take it from someone who’s had to find special people for special jobs, Express can find them for you.

    -Associate Ken Borawski