The Coquitlam Express Team

  • Catherine 2022
    Catherine Ackerman

    Business Development Manager

    Catherine leads our sales and networking activities as our Business Development Manager. She has spearheaded tremendous growth in the number of Tri-Cities companies using Express for all their hiring needs. 

    She currently oversees on-site meetings, networking events & new client support. Catherine loves to bring creative solutions to Tri-Cities businesses. 

    "Increasing profitability for companies by identifying their staffing requirements, and then having our professional recruiters provide them with good, local top talent is what I love to do." 

    A lifelong resident of the Tri-Cities, Catherine has consistently volunteered her energy and time to multiple organisations and causes in the Tri-Cities, assisting in their efforts to reach their community objectives. Catherine feels fortunate to live and work in her community.

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    Michelle 2022
    Michelle Spuls

    Senior Industrial Recruiter

    Michelle is the Senior Industrial Recruiter at Express Employment Coquitlam and has been with Express since 2011. Through her years as an Industrial Recruiter, there isn't anything that Michelle hasn't seen. She understands the difficulties that can face our local clients and cares for the livelihood of each job seeker that she meets.

    She currently oversees the Light Industrial & Skilled Trades departments.

    "I love that I work at a place where I can truly help people. When I have interviewed someone, listened to their needs, and find them the right job so they can support themselves and their families, that's what hits home for me and makes all the tough parts of the job worth it."

    When Michelle  isn't finding local jobseekers their own dream jobs, she enjoys spending time with her family & playing soccer.

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    Alexis 2022
    Alexis Turner

    Recruiting Specialist

    Alexis is our Recruiting Specialist and has made a tremendous impact in many of our associates' lives, in finding them jobs they love and that best suite their life.

    "I never thought I would see myself working in such a diverse line of work. I love coming in each day and not knowing exactly what the day will have in store for me. The challenge and the support of my work family make this job more than I ever expected." 

    She currently oversees the recruiting in our light industrial division.

    In her spare time, Alexis enjoys going for walks with her two dogs - who you may see at our office occasionally!

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    Theresa 2022
    Theresa Chang

    Front Office Coordinator

    Theresa has been our Front Office Coordinator since 2019 and is most likely the first voice you will hear when you call our office. She currently oversees the onboarding, payroll & associate support.

    Each day she manages the recruitment process, helps job seekers with their applications, conducts payroll and assists our busy team & associates, in any way possible. Without Theresa's strong organizational skills and presence at the front, the office would not run as smoothly as it does.

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