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  • busy manager The Results Are In: “Constant Interruptions” the Biggest Waste of Time 05/12/2016 In April, we asked our readers to share with us about the   biggest waste of their time on a daily basis  . And with 21% of the votes, "Constant interruptions by employees/co-workers" was the top choice, followed closely behind by "Reading/replying to email" at 17%, and "Unnecessary meetings" at 15%.
    thinking manager The 4-Day Work Week and Other Ways the Workforce Is Changing 05/11/2016 When it comes to maintaining a high level of productivity, companies are realizing maybe the 8-to-5 grind isn't the best option. Offering compressed workweeks, flexible hours, telecommuting, and remote work options is becoming more popular than ever as recruiting and retention techniques-and top talent are gravitating toward companies embracing the changing workforce.
    Back on Track The Rise in Independent Labor 05/02/2016 Some experts call it the flex economy, but it is also known as the gig, online, or on-demand economy, with some even referring to it as the Uberization of work. Whatever name you prefer, this trend represents a significant shift in the labor market, as more workers take on contract and freelance work, rather than traditional employee positions.
    Maintaining Loyalty Maintaining Employee Loyalty During Times of Change 05/02/2016 During times of change, employees are often faced with fear and uncertainty. And, if not properly handled, a business can lose its workforce's loyalty at the time it needs it the most. However, an organization that successfully navigates change and takes care of its employees through the process can actually come out the other side with a stronger team and employee loyalty fully intact.
    COM16AE_4-20Release_US Why Do Jobs Go Unfilled? 04/29/2016

    Express Employment Professionals recently released new survey results revealing why open jobs go unfilled.


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