Meet the Owner

  • Melissa Elliott   Mel Elliott Photo

    Melissa Elliott opened the North Shore/Hammond Express Franchise in 2001. Her franchises have seen steady growth in Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge Areas becoming a $13MM operation. For 2015, City Business ranked this Express franchise as the top employment agency in Greater New Orleans by number of placements. Elliott's team has earned 2 Circles, 6 Bronze Circles and most recently, 4 Silver Circles of Excellence. In 2010, Elliott's office was designated by Express as a training office for new Express franchise owners. In 2012, Elliott was named one of the "Women of the Year"​ honorees in New Orleans and Express named her office a Trendsetter Office for integrating professional into the Express model of staffing. In 2013, Elliott and Paul Tosso opened an Express office in Baton Rouge which reached Circle of Excellence status for 2015 and 2016. In 2013, Elliott won a second Trendsetter Award from Express for contributions to the company wide system. Elliott currently serves a 3-year term on the Human Capital Advisory Committee to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

    Express’s areas of concentration are: Office Services including Medical and Legal, Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Engineering, IT, Technical and Oil & Gas. Express places people using the venues of Temporary, Evaluation Hire, Direct Hire, Professional Search and Placement and Professional Contract.

    Elliott's career has always been focused on Sales, Service, Marketing, and Business Consulting. Her background allows her to understand that Human Resources must positively impact the bottom line of any company.

    Specialties: Recruiting, Staffing, Staffing Plans, Human Resources, Business Consulting, Finance, Mergers and Acquisition as it relates to Employees, Sales, Marketing, and Business Acquisition.