Find a Job in the McHenry Area: Tips for Cover Letter Writing

  • Find a Job in the McHenry Area: Tips for Cover Letter Writing

    Crystal Lake, IL - February 04, 2021

    Find a Job in the McHenry Area | Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake Want to find a job in McHenry or the surrounding area? One easy way to set yourself apart is with a great cover letter. While some applicants put little effort into these letters, smart candidates use them to stand out from the competition.

    Below, we'll share 5 of our top cover letter writing tips to help you find a job in the McHenry County area.

    Find a Job with a Great Cover Letter

    1. Avoid Fill-in-the-Blank Templates. Many applicants recycle the same cover letter for every job, using a fill-in-the-blank template. Hiring managers can spot these letters a hundred miles away, and they signal a lack of effort by the applicant. So take the time to make each letter unique and find ways to tailor the content to the company and positions.

    2. Do Your Homework. The best way to write a unique cover letter is to research the company and position as much as possible. By researching the company, you can demonstrate how you align with their organizational values and goals. By researching the position, you can demonstrate the ways in which you're uniquely qualified for the role.

    3. Showcase Your Abilities. One easy mistake to make with a cover letter is to simply repeat items from your resume. A great cover letter will include information that you didn't or couldn't include in your resume. For example, let's say your resume contains basic information about a previous job you held in a similar position. You can use your cover letter to talk about how meaningful you found this work and how you're looking for a similar challenge in your next role.

    4. Keep It Short & Business Casual. Length and tone are both important when writing cover letters. Most hiring managers recommend a shorter letter, around 250 words long. In terms of tone, try to keep things business casual. Keep it polished and professional, but avoid overly formal or showy language.

    5. Get Feedback. Before submitting a cover letter, try to get feedback from someone you trust. Have them proofread the letter and offer suggestions. At the same time, ask them if it meets this simple test: "Would you hire the person who wrote this letter?"

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