Job Search in Crystal Lake: Resume Writing Tips

  • Job Search in Crystal Lake: Resume Writing Tips

    Crystal Lake, IL - July 24, 2019

    Job Search in Crystal Lake | Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake  As you craft a resume for your job search in Crystal Lake, McHenry, Woodstock, or a nearby IL town, it's important to remember that interviewers and HR managers go through numerous resumes each day. Not only do you need your resume to stand out, but it's also crucial that you present yourself in a way that shows how you can bring value to the company.

    At Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake, we have plenty of experience helping job seekers boost their job search by creating resumes that shine. Read on for some top tips from our hiring professionals that can assist you with the resume writing process.

    Boost Your Job Search with a Shining Resume

    Do you get writer's block every time you sit down to work on your resume? Start by incorporating the following tips into your writing process to ensure you're making your resume the very best it can be:

    • Cater to each job you apply for. While it's tempting to create one version of your resume that you can send out to all potential employers, this isn't the best approach. Instead, tailor your resume to every job that you apply for, re-framing your skills and experience to show that they're relevant to that particular job description.
    • Back your claims up with facts whenever possible. Try to stay away from fluff and filler in favor of facts. For example, an HR representative is going to be more interested in someone who has increased efficiency by a certain percentage than someone who simply states that they can work efficiently.
    • Update your verb tenses. If you haven't polished up your resume in quite a while, you may find that you still "oversee" projects at a company you no longer work for or "manage" a team that dispersed long ago. Be sure to change these present tense verbs into past tense, or else you'll have a hard time coming off as detail-oriented as you claim to be.
    • Consider keywords. Many companies use software programs to filter resumes based on keywords that are relevant to the job in question, so it's a good idea to incorporate industry-specific terms from the job description into your resume where it feels natural to do so.

    If you're overwhelmed by any aspect of your job search, from resume writing to interview preparation, Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake can help. Give us a call today at (815) 788-8556 to get started with our services for job seekers in Crystal Lake, McHenry, Woodstock, and neighboring communities.