Job Skills in Crystal Lake: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

  • Job Skills in Crystal Lake: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

    Crystal Lake, IL - December 11, 2019

    Job Skills in Crystal Lake | Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake Communication is one of many essential job skills in Crystal Lake that can really set you apart from other job candidates in the area. Why? Because no matter what industry you work in, you need communication skills to work more effectively with others and build strong relationships with your managers, coworkers, and others in your field.

    At Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake, we provide employment services in Crystal Lake, McHenry, and Woodstock for job seekers like you. In this post we're going to cover the importance of communication and how you can work on these skills.

    What Makes Communication an Essential Job Skill in Crystal Lake

    Communication is known as a soft skill, in contrast to technical ability and other hard skills that are easier to measure. Soft skills can also include personality traits, emotional intelligence, and your general ability to get along with other people.

    Even if you're in a very technical or industrial position, there will still be plenty of instances when you'll need to use effective communication and other soft skills to excel. Elements of effective communication include:

    • Listening carefully and seeking clarity when needed - Whenever you're being trained, receiving directions, or getting general feedback from your boss or a coworker, you have to be ready to listen attentively. Work environments can be loud and distracting, so train yourself to stay focused on whoever you're speaking with. Maintain eye contact when possible and, once they've finished, push yourself to ask questions if anything is unclear.
    • Stating your views and needs in a clear and respectful way - If you have ideas about a job or have a request for your manager or colleague, make sure to respect their time and expertise. Be direct and clear about what you want to achieve, and consider how the person you're speaking to will be affected. For example, if you need to ask for time off, inform your supervisor as soon as possible so they can make any arrangements they need to cover you. 

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    By listening attentively and expressing your opinions clearly with others, you'll be better able to coordinate with others and help your company run more smoothly. You'll also earn the trust and respect of employers and coworkers alike.

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