The 101s of Using Employment Agencies in Crystal Lake

  • The 101s of Using Employment Agencies in Crystal Lake

    Crystal Lake, IL - March 29, 2019

    employment agencies in Crystal Lake If you've never used employment agencies in Crystal Lake, and aren't sure where to start, look no further. At Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake, we work with job-seekers like you to find work placements all across the region. Staffing agencies work with both employers and prospective hires, match-making between great companies and individuals like you. Here's what you need to know about working with agencies like ours. 

    Using Employment Agencies in Crystal Lake

    First of all: what types of jobs are offered through employment agencies in Crystal Lake? It can vary, depending on the company, but here's what you'll find with Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake: 

    • Temp assignments. This type of job opening is perfect if you're looking to build up new skills, experience, and contacts quickly. Temp assignments from staffing agencies can have enormous variety, from a day to several months, but Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake will always review the details with you. 
    • Becoming an Associate.  While this isn't necessarily an option that all employment agencies offer, Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake gives you the chance to become an Associate. This offers you an ongoing relationship with our company, and eligible Associates may be able to receive benefits.*
    • Full-time positions. With full-time positions, businesses reach out to Express to fulfill positions across industries and experience levels. As a job-seeker, this gives you the chance to tap into our extensive employment network across Crystal Lake, McHenry, and Woodstock. 
    • Evaluation hires.  With evaluation hires, a company brings you on for the short-term, with the opportunity of a long-term hire. This gives you a chance to try out a job and see how much you enjoy it, while the company has a chance to see how you thrive within their corporate culture. 

    Make The Most of Crystal Lake Area Employment Agencies

    When you use employment agencies in the Crystal Lake area, how do you take advantage of these opportunities? We recommend being upfront always. Our agency is here to help you find work that's a great fit for you. We can only do that if you're completely frank about your career goals, experience, and interests. Once you've let us know these details, we can suggest job openings that are a great match for your short-term and long-term plans. 

    Want to get in touch with employment agencies in Crystal Lake today? Call Express Employment Professionals Crystal Lake at (815) 788-8556, or browse our job openings online. 

    * Express Associates may be required to work a specified number of hours and/or weeks before they become eligible for some benefits. Benefits may vary by Express location. Your Express representative will be able to provide more detail about specific benefits for which you qualify.