How to advertise job openings in Clarksville TN

  • How to advertise job openings in Clarksville TN

    June 22, 2021

    How to advertise job openings in Clarksville TN Clarksville has long been a great place to live and work, whether you're in manufacturing or you're a member of the military. If you're an employer in this rapidly growing suburb, competing with all the other employers for top professionals can be challenging. When it's time to advertise job openings in Clarksville, Tennessee, there are a few things you can do to stand out from the crowd.

    Utilize Local Colleges

    If you're trying to hire for a position in Clarksville, TN, first consider one of your best resources: local colleges. Clarksville's best-known school is Austin Peay State University , which has fairly strong liberal arts and humanities, physical education teaching and coaching, and nursing programs. It's also strong when it comes to agriculture, computer information systems, and engineering.

    But APSU isn't the only college in Clarksville. There's also a satellite campus for Nashville State Community College, as well as Daymar vocational college.

    Most colleges actively work to connect graduating seniors with available jobs. Develop a relationship with the recruiting arm of each college. APSU's Office of Career Services offers a portal that allows employers to post opportunities and learn about upcoming on-campus job fairs.

    Hire Military Veterans

    Many Clarksville residents work for the nearby Fort Campbell military base. Some of those servicemembers will choose to stay in Clarksville when they retire. Military vets gain invaluable experience and skills during their service, and those qualities can be a huge benefit to your company.

    Before you advertise for a Clarksville, TN job opening, consider reaching out to a recruiter specializing in connecting vets with jobs. The U.S. Department of Labor has regional coordinators who help Tennessee veterans find work. You can email a regional coordinator through the Department of Labor website.

    Use an Employment Specialist

    While you're considering recruiters, employment specialists can help you land top talent in your field. Recruiters can be especially valuable if you're looking for someone with specialized skills in a midsized town like Clarksville.

    When looking for a recruiter, it's important to first search for someone who knows the Clarksville area. A specialist who serves Clarksville and nearby cities will have a pool of talent that can help you get a big head start. But you'll also need a firm that can track down the type of workers you're trying to hire.

    Express Employment Professionals maintains an up-to-date listing on its website, giving you the ideal place to advertise your Clarksville job openings. We specialize in professional, light industrial, and office services positions in the Clarksville, TN area, and we work hard to maintain a strong base of local candidates in those fields.

    Job Boards

    At one time, job seekers turned to the classified ads in the newspaper to look for work. But today's candidates use the internet, searching job boards and posting their resumes on job listing sites.

    Job boards can bring you a large pool of applicants, requiring you to do some filtering. But here are some of the most popular to help get you started on advertising your Clarksville, TN job openings:

    • Indeed : This job search site has become one of the most popular on the internet, with millions of positions listed. You can post listings and candidates can apply directly within the site. You can also communicate with potential hires without leaving the platform.
    • SimplyHired : This site pulls job listings from other sites, giving candidates a central location to look for work. You can also post jobs for free , but you'll have to pay if you find an applicant you want to move to the next stage.
    • GlassDoor : Candidates like this site because they can get the lowdown on your culture and interview process before they apply. That can work in your favor if your current employees are happy.

    Online and Professional Networking

    Of course, one of the best ways to advertise job openings in Clarksville, TN is to simply get the word out that you're looking for a candidate. Encourage your existing team members to help with that, posting on your social media page and inviting shares. If you're active on Facebook, you can also look into posting something in a group like Hip Clarksville .

    Instead of looking for the best place to advertise job openings in Clarksville, Tennessee, consider using a site like LinkedIn to explore your connections. You may have a friend, colleague, or former classmate who knows the perfect candidate. You can also post your job opening on LinkedIn and accept applications there. If you want to give it a little extra visibility, you can pay to boost the post.

    There are plenty of places to advertise job openings in Clarksville, TN, but you can increase your candidate pool by posting in multiple places. If you get the word out far and wide, you'll be more likely to build your team with the best talent. Contact Express Employment Professionals at (615) 441-8898 to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.