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    The members of our team are experts at connecting great employees to excellent job opportunities. They have the skills necessary to assist you or your company with a wide variety of employment needs. To contact any of our wonderful staff members, give us a call at (513) 842-8000. 

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    Brandi Johnson

    Sr. Employment Specialist

    Brandi Johnson joined the Express Family in 2006 - which makes her the most senior employee on the team outside of the owners. Every week she conducts dozens of interviews, manages multiple accounts, and places candidates at a variety of different jobs.

    She originally joined the team out of high school as a receptionist. Since then, she has been promoted 3 separate times. First to a Junior Employment Specialist, then to an Employment Specialist, and then a Senior Employment Specialist.

    She is most proud of her longevity and loyalty to the Express team. She is consistently one of the top employment specialists in the nation, out of 800 franchise locations. She is also proud of raising two kids as a single mom.

    Speaking of her family, she spends most of her free time with her kids and family. She loves watching her kids' sporting events, shopping, reading, camping, fishing, and off-roading. She is a hunter (whitetail, shed, and morel mushrooms).  She also loves exploring local breweries (her favorites are Sons of Toil, Rhinegiest, and Urban Artifact).

    If she was going to give a piece of advice to local companies, it would be to embrace active recruiting. The days of post-and-pray are over. It takes a multitude of different strategies to attract experienced candidates.

    A little known fact about Brandi is that she is an adrenaline junky and chronic speeder. After years of trying she has decided that it's simply not possible to go the speed limit on 32. She is also practically a professional sand volleyball player, headlining on the Express Volleyball Team: Staff  Infection. 


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    Cori Stokes

    Employment Specialist

    Cori Stokes joined Express Employment Professionals in 2009, originally as the Front Office Coordinator. She has since served in other Express locations in both Illinois and Cincinnati, before returning to the Cincinnati East team, where she is now an Employment Specialist.

    Before joining Express in 2009, Cori graduated with an English degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2007. She then worked as a Client Account Manager for the Cincinnati radio station KISS 107FM.

    Her weeks are now filled with interviewing dozens of candidates, filling several different orders, and helping people get back to work. Her favorite thing about her job is helping link candidates to companies. She loves knowing that her efforts are putting people back to work and providing for their families. To her, there is no higher calling.

    Cori prides herself on her relationships with clients. She is incredibly effective, consistent and efficient when it comes to presenting candidates. You have likely been the target of a candidate campaign sent from Cori.

    When she isn't working with clients and associates, you can find Cori rock-climbing, hiking, camping, reading, and hanging out with her daughter Sydni. She is also a key component of the Express Volleyball Team: Staff Infection.

    Her major piece of advice to both clients and associates is to be authentic. Being authentic and setting the correct expectations during the interview and on boarding phase is crucial to making long-lasting hiring decisions.

    A little known fact about Cori is that she was born in the Philippines and internationally adopted as a baby.

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    Amy Bates

    Recruiting Specialist

    Amy joined the Express Team in November of 2017. Since then she has been integral to the day to day operations of the Cincinnati East Office. She joined on the team as a front office coordinator in 2017. In 2020, she took over an open position and became an employment Specialist.

    Currently, she is in charge of working with entry-level candidates for a variety of different positions. Her goal is to help folks enter or reenter the workforce as seamless as possible. She does this by both managing her own accounts and helping the other employment specialists with filling general positions inside of any account.

    She is the second step for many of our candidates and is wildly important to the continued success of our team.

    Before she joined the team, she worked with Hyde Park Lumber in a similar role. Yet she is originally from Columbus Ohio, where she was involved in the automotive industry.

    When she isn't helping us all stay on task, Amy spends her nights with her friends, family, and their sporting events. She is also a valued member of the Express Volleyball Team: Staff Infection.

    When asked for advice for associates, her go-to was "Show up to work every day, ready to work." It's about preparation and attendance.

    A little known fact about Amy is that she was a ballerina dancer before she had her first child.

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    Kelley Snider

    Recruiting Specialist

    Kelley joined the Express Family in March of 2015. She is our full-time recruiting specialist in charge of recruiting candidates for all of the different openings inside of Express. Her daily life involves conducting phone interviews, traveling to job fairs, and searching through the multiple channels that Express uses to locate employees.

    Most of our associates that go through our system start with a conversation with Kelley. She explains how the on boarding process works and schedules the more formalized interview with our employment specialists. Kelley may be behind the scenes, but you have her to thank for many of the employees that go through our Express system.

    The part of the job that she enjoys is the most, she affectionately calls "The Hunt". She loves working with our wide network to find associates for all of the specialized positions that we have available. She often relies on both the unemployed and the employed recruiting pools - both with their fair share of challenges.

    When she isn't hustling to help her team fill open job orders, she is at one of her kids' sporting events. Currently, her two youngest are involved in Baseball, Basketball, Track, and   Football - most of which occur in her hometown of New Richmond.

    She said her greatest life accomplishment was that of her five kids. When asked about advice for candidates, her go-to was to "take responsibility for your actions -both good and bad".

    One surprising fact about Kelley is that her real name is Jacqueline, not Kelley.

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    Rami Betts Winnenberg

    Operations and Marketing

    Rami Betts Winnenberg joined the Express team in 2015.    Every single week she manages the payroll for between 250 -350 employees, workers compensation claims, and benefits. She is also our go-to person for all things research and analytics. If your company has ever received one of our industry reports, an invoice, or any type of additional forms, you have likely interfaced with Rami.

    She is an Ohio University graduate and recently started classes in data analytics to help Express better serve our clients. She plans to utilize the skills she is learning to help companies better understand their place in the market and help determine strategic plans for their human resource and management programs.

    Her life purpose is to "Gain knowledge to empower others." In the same vein, Rami's favorite part of her job is empowering our team at Express to perform efficiently and effectively. Occasionally, she will meet with companies to create strategic on boarding and training plans. If you are ever interested in formalizing your interview and on boarding process - give Rami a call.

    Rami's advice to local companies is to keep an open mind. The market is adapting to changes faster than ever and to stay competitive, companies need to be flexible.

    When Rami isn't organizing the team, she is usually rock climbing, sculpting, taking pictures, reading, traveling, or playing video games. A little known fact about Rami is that she can survive on wine and popcorn. A hypothesis that she has tested a few times in college. 

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    Anthony Contini

    Sales Representative

    Anthony joined the Express family in October of 2019. He is our full-time Outside Sales Representative. Before starting with Express, he worked for Run, Jump, and Play as the general manager. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2014 with a degree in communications.

    Anthony spends his days traveling to dozens of different companies in Clermont and Warren Counties. He lives by the company mantra of "Impact business and help people get back to work." 
    Every day he locates more and more opportunities for our associates. Speaking of, his favorite thing about his job is learning about the diverse types of companies in the area. He always aims to be consultative with companies. Both on the recruiting and human resource side of things.

    When he isn't working hard to find new positions for our associates, Anthony can be found at the gym, traveling, or outside enjoying nature. One of his side projects is called Aerial Hawks, where he takes bird-eye photographs using a drone. He is also one of the main front-liners for the Express Employment Professionals volleyball team: Staff Infection.

    His advice for companies revolves around communication. "Listen to what your employees have to say. What impacts their job satisfaction. The information is valuable in building a stronger workplace culture."

    A little known fact about Anthony is that he owned a food truck right out of school. The food truck was Contini Pizza and Italian Ice - where he specialized in New York Style Pizza and authentic Italian ice.

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    Nick Winnenberg

    Sales / Owner

    Nick was born into the Express Family but formally joined the company in 2015. He is the Senior Sales Representative for the Cincinnati East Location. Before joining the team, he graduated from Ohio University.

    Inside of Express, Nick works with the sales team to create marketing and sales strategies. He can also be pulled into contract negotiations with large accounts, or answer specific questions for clients. He is typically the go-to person for pricing and contract development.

    Outside of the Cincinnati East location, he works with the developer to train and mentor sales reps at the other 21 locations in the Southern Ohio and Kentucky Zone.

    He is heavily involved in his community and sits on the board for the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance, NEST Community Learning Center and is the founder of Loveland Young Professionals. He also is on the committees for Loveland Beautification, and the Tree and environment committee.

    When he isn't working with Express and his community, you can find Nick covered with sawdust in his wood shop, rock-climbing, or traveling with his wife, Rami. He also works assists his brother with his technology startup, BergTech Solutions.

    When asked for advice for clients, his response was "find the right people, align them to your vision, and get out of their way." He spoke to the value of creating and maintaining strong company culture. "Over 80% of employee led turnover is because of the co-workers, managers, or lack of mentors - not pay or job duties."

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