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    Express Edmonton Talks
  • Ashley McKarney

    Express Talks- June 8 2021- A War For Talent is Looming

    A war for talent is looming- and now is the time to focus on engagement, retention and creating workplace cultures that people want...

  • Dr Edel

    Express Talks - March 25th 2021 – Women's Leadership

    The pandemic has affected everyone. One demographic, however, that has been uniquely impacted (professionally and personally) is women...

  • Simon2

    Express Talks - Build Immunity & Optimize Performance

    Recorded live on Jan 20th, 2021. We had an excellent discussion and learned how to build immunity and nurture the body.

  • Matthew Lindberg2

    Express Talks - November 2020- Skilled Trades & Technology in Alberta

    Matthew Lindberg chats about the collaboration between AB industry, and NAIT. Zoom Password: !DPk8ZZ=

  • Express Talks_Victoria Grainger

    Express Talks – Workplace Wellness

    Victory Grainger speaks to how mental wellness impacts your workplace and what you can do to help normalize and de-stigmatize mental health problems.

  • Express-Talks_Ashima Sumaru-Jurf

    Express Talks – Diversity & Inclusion

    Building a Sustainable Culture of Equity and Inclusion with Ashima Sumaru-Jurf Co-Executive Director – Multicultural Family Resource Society.