Specialized Recruiting Group

  • A Different Level of Service

    The Specialized Recruiting Group (SRG) is uniquely equipped to help you find the highly skilled talent your business needs.

    Specialized training

    Specialized Recruiting Group Franchisees invest in advanced training in the latest technologies and techniques designed to identify and recruit top-level candidates, which ensures they have the tools and resources to address a wider range of professional and highly specialized staffing requests.

    Dedicated recruiting specialist

    While most staffing firms are reactive to their clients’ needs, SRG offices take a proactive approach with a dedicated specialist who actively recruits new talent for our candidate database. That means we have qualified professionals ready to go to work when you need them.

    Ongoing support and development

    All Express offices are locally owned but backed by more than three decades of staffing and HR expertise through our international headquarters. As the job market evolves, so do we through a network of dedicated field consultants who help our owners maintain the highest level of professional staffing standards and expertise.

    Greater access to candidates

    Our specialized recruiting methodologies allow us to attract a level of talent our competitors can’t match. Because of our dedicated focus on highly specialized professionals, we not only seek out top talent, but they’re also seeking out Express.

  • CompensationReport

    A competitive compensation strategy is key to winning the talent war.

    In today’s tight labor market, talented job candidates know they have options, so offering competitive compensation is more important than ever to attracting the best and brightest workers. Additionally, businesses that are unwilling to compete on pay risk losing current employees to the competition.

    The Specialized Recruiting Group of Express Employment Professionals developed our 2020 Compensation Report to provide insight into current compensation averages for the most in-demand, professional-level jobs.

    Download the 2020 Compensation Report Today!

    For questions or more information about current compensation trends, contact your local Specialized Recruiting Group office today.

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