Why Temporary Staffing Is Great For Business

  • Why Temporary Staffing Is Great For Business

    OKLAHOMA CITY - November 30, 2020




    The Benefits of Temporary Staffing

    There are many decisions that hiring managers and business leaders face each day. But perhaps the most important decision has to do with your people, specifically, deciding when it's time to add more staff.  11-30-2020

    When business demands push you toward adding more staff, but you aren't sure how long you'll need the added help, why not consider using a staffing company for access to a temporary workforce. Here are three reasons why it could make sense for your situation.

    More Flexibility

    Whether your business experiences seasonal fluctuations in demand or you have staff that will be out for a short period of time and you need their role covered, temporary staffing is a great way to be flexible in your hiring.

    Why go through the headache of the recruiting and hiring process for a role that you may not need in a few months? Working with a staffing company like Express provides you the flexibility to increase staff when needed without adding to your core workforce. You also get the added benefit of maintaining high production levels during peak seasons requiring a larger staff. 

    Reduce Turnover Costs

    As you determine whether or not you should add staff to cover for a worker who will be out for an extended period or for an expected or unexpected increase in demand, make sure to consider your current staff.

    Pushing core staff to work additional hours impacts more than your overtime costs. Increased workload can lead to burnout and eventually turnover - the exact thing you don't need when your business is already trying to keep pace.

    A CAP study found that turnover for low-paying jobs (under $30,000 a year) costs the company 16% of that annual salary. For jobs earning $30,000 to $50,000 a year, that number jumps to 20%.

    This is an expense you can avoid by using a temporary workforce.

    Lower Your Risks

    Temporary employees don't need to stay temporary. When you make the decision to add staff for a short period, you are not only able to make sure your business can keep up with demands, you also get the chance to evaluate employees to see if they could be a permanent fit

    If one of your temp employees stands out and fits with their team and your company culture, you can work with your staffing provider to hire them on full time. This "try before you buy" concept lets your business avoid the risk of making a permanent hire without really knowing if they're going to work out. 

    Using a staffing company to help with temporary needs in your workforce provides multiple benefits to your business, but perhaps the biggest advantage is the weight taken off your shoulders. Instead of increased stress and long hours trying to decide how you can maintain or increase your workforce to meet demand, partner with Express to solve your hiring dilemmas.

    When you work with Express to fill your light industrial openings, you're partnering with an expert in this field. Express is the second largest light industrial staffing firm in the U.S. and the sixth largest in the world.