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    Your success is what we specialize in, whether in finding you the right employees or the right  employment in Eugene that fits your needs - and fast! We are part of a global initiative to get one million people to work each year and it starts right here with you, with us, and with  our community. With our ISO:9001 certified candidate recruitment process , we guarantee to work with you every step of the way to find the perfect match between the right  job opportunities in Eugene and the right business. You'll never pay us a fee for our services or support when looking for work and you'll only pay us when we make a successful placement for your staff.

    "Success is not created by one person but by a team that comes together as one."
    - Jillian Farrar

  • Jason Steele - Express Staffing Solutions in Springfield Oregon
    Jason Steele

    Client Relations Manager

    "Express constantly proves to be a quality company filled with passionate employees that take pride in their job duties. Our HQ is second to none and stays ahead of the competition with leading edge information and training in the HR field. We are the professionals that others are trying to catch up to."

    We welcomed Jason to the Express Eugene team in September 2014. He has a strong background in business management and finance and, prior to Express, he was a Training Branch Manager for Labor Ready in the Eugene/Springfield market for 12 years.

    Responsible and extremely talented when it comes to communicating, Jason strives to excel in the staffing industry by providing excellent customer service to both our client companies and our associates. Out of the many industries we serve, Jason thrives most in the general labor field, a field that can be both fast-paced and chaotic.

    Jason is a native to Eugene, having attended Colburg Elementary, Cal Young Middle, Sheldon High and then the University of Oregon. He is happily married with two beautiful daughters and three dogs. In his spare time, he can be found working on home projects, taking hikes with his family and dogs on the weekends, staying fit and reading about history

    How Others Describe Him

    Calm and confident.

    Something Unique

    Jason has been severely hearing-impaired his whole life, but it has taught him how to truly listen to people.

    Best Skillset


    Favorite Quote

    "Courage is knowing what not to fear" - Plato

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    Stephanie Williams - Healthcare Jobs in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon
    Stephanie Williams

    Healthcare Scheduling Supervisor

    "I love putting people to work. I set weekly goals for myself, and when I hit those goals, I feel proud."

    Stephanie Williams joined the Express Healthcare Eugene team in September 2018, as an On-Call Scheduler. Since beginning her journey with Express, she has worked her way up to the Healthcare Management Team. Stephanie is now our Healthcare Scheduling Supervisor! While considering multi-tasking to be one of her many strong suits, she prides herself on being able to get as much accomplished during her day as possible. She also knows how to appreciate downtime.

    Prior to joining our Healthcare team, Stephanie worked in the Dental field for 10 years and started Medical scheduling 2 years ago.

    Stephanie was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but moved to Georgia and then Oregon in 1999. Raised as an army brat, Stephanie spent most of her childhood moving from state to state.

    Stephanie is full of adventure and loves hiking with her sons (Quedane and Oliver) in her spare time. The 3 of them take a lot of weekend road trips together, as a way to explore new places and spend quality time together.

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    Mark Behrendt Headshot
    Mark Behrendt

    Healthcare Employment Specialist and Healthcare Scheduler

    "Playing an active role in strengthening the health in our community by staffing our facilities with quality workers makes me feel like I'm doing my part as a member of the community!"

    Mark Behrendt joined the Express Eugene family as our FOC in August 2020 and is currently an Employment Specialist and Scheduler for our Healthcare Division. Friendly, outgoing, and a hard worker, Mark strives to make everyone's day brighter and in both his professional and personal lives.

    Mark was born and raised in Seguin, Texas. Mark started working in the food service industry, then worked his way up to an Administrative Assistant and Hiring Manager position. During the COVID-19 pandemic's initial peak, Mark worked as a patient line cook for a local hospital in Texas. After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, his girlfriend was accepted to The University of Oregon Law School and relocate to Eugene in August 2020.

    Personal Interests

    Mark loves sports, specifically basketball (Go Spurs Go!). Mark also enjoys watching movies, playing video games, drawing, hiking, and anything food related.

    Something Unique

    Mark is a cancer survivor!


    People skills. Mark finds it easy to understand peoples' personalities in a short time.

    Favorite Quote

    "The measure of who we are is how we react to something that doesn't go our way." - Gregg Popovich

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    Daniel Martinez Headshot
    Daniel Martinez

    Skilled Trades Employment Specialist

    "My name is Daniel, I'm an Employment Specialist for Skilled Trades here at the Eugene Express Employment Professionals. I help employers find quality skilled people and people find quality employers to work for! My goal is for companies to feel happy with the direction they are going and be supported in whatever stage of employment they are at."

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    Lonnie Erickson Headshot
    Lonnie Erickson

    Recruiting Specialist

    "My name is Lonnie Erickson, and I am a recruiting Specialist here at Express Employment Professionals in Eugene, Oregon. It's my responsibility assist our Employment Specialists in finding the right applicants to fill our client's roles. I work to fill staff vacancies by researching potential applicants, interviewing candidates, and supporting businesses and residents of Oregon."

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    Mark Morgan Headshot
    Mark Morgan

    Healthcare Recruiting Specialist

    "My name is Mark Morgan, I am a Healthcare Recruiter for Express Healthcare. I am excited to help support clinics and facilities by helping them stay fully staffed!"

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