Finding Job Candidates in Jackson, MS is Easier with Express

  • Finding Job Candidates in Jackson, MS is Easier with Express

    Flowood, MS - November 03, 2022

    Job Candidates in Jackson, MS | Express Employment Professionals Flowood-Jackson If you've dealt with employee turnover, you know just how expensive this phenomenon can be for businesses. Rather than running the risk of having to constantly make new hires, allow us to help you find job candidates in Jackson, MS with ease. At Express Employment Professionals Flowood-Jackson, we're a jobs agency with a finger on the pulse of the local job market. Whatever industry your company operates in, you can trust us to connect you with the right hires for the jobs you need to fill, all while saving you time and cutting down on costs in the long run.

    How We Help Businesses Find Job Candidates

    Did you know that making a new hire can cost as much as 150% of a new employee's annual salary due to the time required to recruit, interview, and train new hires? As a result, it's important for companies to ensure they're always hiring candidates that are ready to stick around long-term. 

    Rather than risking additional employee turnover, you can trust us to fill your open jobs with qualified job seekers that have the right skills for the role and fit the unique culture of your company. As we do this, we'll save you time on tedious tasks such as:

    • Drafting job descriptions and posting them online.  You shouldn't have to spend your day writing up ad copy and trying to figure out where the right eyes will see it. When you put this task in our experts' hands, you can know it's being done right. 
    • Going through applications and resumes.  Corporate job openings receive 250 applications on average, and sorting through such a high number of resumes can take a lot of time when you're doing it on your own.
    • Screening candidates and conducting interviews.  It's necessary to phone potential hires to ensure they're worth interviewing before actually scheduling and conducting the interview.
    • Wrapping up the job hire.  Even once you've found the right person for the job, you still need to do reference checks and propose an offer.

    Learn More About Our Services in Jackson, MS

    The time required to complete all of the above tasks adds up, with employers often spending 30-100 hours to make a hire. Instead of investing your precious time in this way, you can have faith that our hiring experts will quickly connect you with the right job candidates in:

    • Jackson, MS
    • Madison
    • Ridgeland
    • Flowood
    • Brandon
    • Or another town in the area

    To learn more about how we help companies find job candidates, reach out to our team in the Jackson, MS area today by calling Express Employment Professionals Flowood-Jackson at (601) 355-7000 !