Our Staffing Agency in Jackson, MS

  • Our Staffing Agency in Jackson, MS

    Flowood, MS - May 05, 2020

    Our Staffing Agency in Jackson, MS | Express Employment Professionals Flowood-Jackson At Express Employment Professionals Flowood-Jackson, we take the cost and guesswork out of the recruitment process. Our staffing agency can source exceptional hires for every type of staffing situation and every type of workplace in Jackson, MS. From entry-level workers to staff with supervisory experience, we help businesses of all sizes connect with quality candidates for every available position. 

    We don't just screen candidates for their qualifications, training, and expertise. Our hiring experts make sure we're screening for the right fit, too. We look for qualified hires who are a great match for your company environment and for your team, so that both job-seekers and businesses can thrive.  

    Workforce Solutions With Our Staffing Company in Jackson, MS 

    The cost of recruitment can be tremendous for any business. From drafting an initial job opening to making the final hire, it can take as much as a hundred hours for a company. That's time you and your team would otherwise be devoting to other crucial matters in your daily operations. We remove the time factor completely, managing every aspect of hiring, so your team can keep going. 

    Our staffing agency offers all kinds of employment solutions in Jackson, MS. Each option can be tailored to the needs of your business, so you can bring on new team members with minimal disruption: 

    • Short-term, contract, or temp placements.  Whether you need seasonal workers or someone to cover a short contract, we have qualified candidates available for immediate placement. 
    • Direct hiring opportunities.  We utilize extensive screening protocols to make sure we're bringing you an exceptional candidate for hire. A one-time fee allows you to directly hire on this new team member. 
    • Hiring on evaluation.  When finding the right fit is crucial, you can bring on new staff for a trial period. This allows you to test their skills in the field before you commit. 
    • Executive or professional recruitment.  With extensive contacts in every industry, we can bring you high-quality candidates in the area for executive, management, or professional roles. 

    Express Employment Professionals Flowood-Jackson are Your Local Partners in Staffing 

    With our staffing agency, you'll have the benefit of tapping into a comprehensive and competitive hiring pool in the areas of: 

    The job-seekers we work with are committed, reliable, and skilled. Each person is vetted to confirm they have the right skill set, training, and qualifications to succeed at a job. It means that whenever you need a new team member, you can get one quickly, effectively, and affordably.

    Learn more about our staffing agency in Jackson, MS. Call  (601) 355-7000 to speak to Express Employment Professionals Flowood-Jackson today.