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  • Temp Agency in Madison

    Flowood, MS - September 15, 2021

    Temp Agency in Madison | Express Employment Professionals Flowood-Jackson These days, more and more companies are turning to temp workers to fill in their staffing gaps. It makes sense: temp hires can be perfect when there's an overflow of work or unexpected employee turnover. But handling temp staffing on your own can quickly become difficult and costly. It's why so many businesses rely on our temp agency in Madison. 

    How can Express Employment Professionals Flowood-Jackson improve the way you hire? Let's take a look. 

    How We Can Change The Way You Hire Temps 

    Even when you have a dedicated HR team to handle staffing, temp hiring can become an enormous drain on resources. That's where Express Flowood-Jackson can help. Here are just three ways we can change the way you bring on temp or short-term staff: 

    • We can find the right fit.  The wrong person for the job can cause a lot of chaos in a short time. That's true for temp hires, too. We make sure you're always getting quality candidates who are well-suited for the work at hand. Our multi-step screening process ensures we're extensively verifying credentials and experience, in addition to assessing each hire's proficiencies and capacities. We always make sure it's a good fit.  
    • We can staff openings quickly.  You can't always predict your hiring needs in advance. Sometimes, a person leaves with little warning or a new project falls into your lap. If that's the case, you often don't have the time to extensively recruit new hires. That's not a concern, because we will handle it for you. With our extensive network of job-seekers in Madison, we can quickly supply new staff for any opening. 
    • We can save you money.  For most companies, hiring takes time and resources, which equals money. The average hiring process can cost up to 150% of an incoming worker's annual salary. When you're looking for temp hires, this can become inefficient quickly. As a full-service temp agency, we're able to streamline any costs involved. We do it without ever compromising on the quality of candidates. 

    Get Started With Our Temp Agency in Madison

    With our temp agency, you'll be able to tap into great candidates across sectors. We work in light industrial, manufacturing, admin, and professional sectors, providing temp hires as well as full-time staff. We can bring you our top choices for any position in: 

    • Madison
    • Brandon
    • Jackson, MS
    • Flowood
    • Ridgeland
    • Or throughout the surrounding area

    It's easy to get started with our temp agency in Madison. Get in touch with the recruiting team at Express Flowood-Jackson, and we'll take it from there:  (601) 355-7000 .