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    Adlein Turner 3 

    Born in Nicaragua, growing up Adlein always wanted to be a Dentist, having lived São Paulo, Florida and Atlanta Adlein moved to Tennessee in 2018 to settle down with her husband Greg and her children. Adlein also has 2 dogs, a golden retriever named Chloe and a Chihuaua named Millie. Adlein would love to travel to Portugal and she is going to go Mountain Climbing this Thanksgiving. Adlein is passionate about doing her job with excellence and Helping people. An interesting fact about Adlein is that she currently owns a medical facility in Nicaraugua. Adlein joined Express Employment in the beginning of 2022 and quickly moved into our Branch Manager role after 4 months.

    Adlein Turner - Branch Manager

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    Jenny Clark

    Originally from Polk County Fl., Jenny moved to Bedford County Tennessee in 2001, Jenny has always wanted to find a position where she was not only passionate about but one where she could make a difference in people's lives. "I knew I wanted to find something I was passionate about and enjoyed and that journey led me here to Express where I have finally found what I have always wanted to do. Help people better themselves and their businesses". Jenny loves to Kayak with her family whenever she can and loves to crochet whenever she gets the chance. Her household is also occupied by a cat named "Moto" and a goat names "Roscoe". An interesting fact about Jenny is that she was in swim club and drama club growing up. Jenny has been with Express Employment for over 2 years now and hopes to manage her own branch.

    Jenny Clark - Employment Specialist

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    Carlos Barajas

    Carlos was born in Los Angeles California, he is the 5th of 10 children in the family. He wanted to be a paramedic when he grew up and fulfilled that dream by becoming an EMT in California for several years. He then found the world of Hospitatlity in Las Vegas and worked in the Casino industry for 23 years.His favorite hobby is kayaking and mountain biking. Carlos is passionate about family, friends and helping others. Some would say Carlos is a charmer, and an interesting fact about Carlos is that he loves cliff diving.. go figure. Carlos Joined Express Employment in 2022 and we expect great things!

    Carlos Barajas - Employment Specialist

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    Ethan Grider

    Ethan Grider - Business Developer

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    My name is Sydney Papoi and I am originally from North Carolina where I attended UNC Charlotte and graduated with my Bachelors degree in Communications. I now reside in Tennessee with my husband and our dog Maverick and cat Luci. My passion is making connections with others to help them pursue their professional employment needs. My goal is to eventually go into sales with Express and not only grow the business but give more options to our associates for employment. 

    Sydney Papoi - Employment Specialist

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