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  • Employment Services in Burbank

    Glendale, CA - June 02, 2022

    Employment Services in Burbank | Express Employment Professionals Glendale Back in 2020, the outbreak of the pandemic led to a huge churn in the job market, increased layoffs, and uncertainty. Following these unprecedented conditions, a new phenomenon took hold: the Great Resignation. By the end of 2021, the "quit rate" around the nation hit a high that hadn't been seen in about two decades. It's clear that more and more Americans are ready to take the risk of quitting their jobs in hopes of improving their employment situation. If you're one of the many people seeking work with higher pay that offers a greater level of flexibility, our employment services can support you with your job search in Burbank or a nearby community.

    With the team at Express Employment Professionals Glendale by your side, you can have confidence about landing a job that suits your needs in this unusual job market.

    What's Propelling the Great Resignation? 

    As the Great Resignation unfolded, many questions arose as to why Americans were so willingly leaving their jobs. To answer these questions, the Pew Research Center conducted an in-depth study surveying over 6,000 non-retired adults in the U.S. The results were quite revealing. Here are some of the most important points the survey highlighted:

    • The majority of survey respondents who left a job in 2021 reported low pay as one of the reasons they chose to quit.
    • An equal percentage asserted that the lack of opportunities for promotion or advancement contributed to their resignation decision.
    • Over half of those who resigned last year reported feeling disrespected by their employers, which also influenced their decision-making process.

    The good news is that the majority of the survey respondents who quit their jobs in 2021 and are not retired are now employed. Over half of these individuals say they are now earning better pay and have greater chances for advancement in their new role.

    Our Employment Services in Burbank Can Help You Find Better Work 

    You can take advantage of the current conditions in the labor market with the help of our employment services. At Express Employment Professionals Glendale, we focus on taking the burden of the job search off the shoulders of job seekers so they can have a less stressful and more productive experience of finding work.

    We'll gladly connect you with exciting opportunities for employment at companies located in:

    • Burbank
    • Glendale
    • Arleta
    • Pacoima
    • Sun Valley
    • And nearby towns in the area

    Get in touch with our team at Express Employment Professionals Glendale today at (818) 507-8579 to get started with our free employment services in the Burbank area!