Employment Services in Glendale

  • Employment Services in Glendale

    Glendale, CA - April 22, 2022

    Employment Services in Glendale | Express Employment Professionals Glendale Whether you've been on one or one hundred job interviews, you may find them to be nerve-wracking experiences. The switch from in-person interviews to video interviews that businesses made during the pandemic didn't change this feeling for many job seekers. Now that video interviews are more commonplace than ever, it's worth taking some time to polish up your video interviewing skills so you can make a solid impression! With the employment services available free of charge from Express Employment Professionals Glendale, you can have the support you need to improve your virtual interview performance.

    Land a Job in Glendale With These Video Interview Tips

    Take a look at these quick tips as you get ready for an upcoming video interview:

    • Check your computer ahead of time.  Make sure the video conferencing software functions on your computer and that important components like the microphone, camera, and headphones are in working order.
    • Notify everyone in your household of your appointment.  Make it clear that you're not to be bothered for a set period of time, and find a quiet space where you can shut the door.
    • Make arrangements for children and pets.  Kids and pets are famous for blasting into video interviews and stealing the show. Ensuring they are supervised can help prevent potential surprises.
    • Stay vigilant about your body language.  At home, you feel much more at ease than you would in an unfamiliar office. While this is great for shaking nerves, it can impact how you carry yourself during a video interview. Above all, avoid slouching and fidgeting. Be aware of the importance of making eye contact as well, and try not to let your eyes drift around the room.

    How Our Employment Services in Glendale Can Help

    If you're ready to learn more about how you can excel in interviews, get started with our employment services today! In addition to providing advice in this area, we also offer resources to help you level-up your resume and further your career development. Most importantly, we can connect you with businesses in the local area looking for candidates with your employment background.

    These services are available for job seekers in the following communities:

    • Glendale
    • Burbank
    • Arleta
    • Pacoima
    • Sun Valley
    • And nearby towns in the area

    Call Express Employment Professionals Glendale at (818) 507-8579 to take the first step towards a better job search with our employment services!