• Indispensable

    This seminar is based on the best-selling book of the same name by David Cottrell (Monday Morning Leadership).

    When opportunity knocks in the workplace, most people don’t know how to seize it. This session is designed to show you exactly how to spot and master your next great professional opportunity.

    Most of us already have the tools. Indispensable teaches you how to use them to position yourself for career success. It teaches you how to transform your on-the-job persona to become the person who succeeds first and fastest. No matter what your title is, you’ll be equipped to navigate the trickiest workplaces and position yourself for growth at every turn. You’ll put yourself in the spotlight and become the individual everyone else admires and wants to be.

    This session demonstrates how to create and maintain your best image 24/7 and how to project strengths, smarts, competence, and leadership. It is packed with tips on how to listen, put peers at ease, use humor to your advantage (and when to avoid it) and how to cultivate a public persona and effortless demeanor that attracts others.

    With the newest generations dominating the workforce, the competition for leadership positions all the way to the “C suite” will soon be enormous. What separates the successful candidate from the rest may come from the 3rd bullet point on slide 12 of this session.